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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 @ 1:11 AM
twenty twelve.

Twenty twelve came along, now we'll all hear about how the world is going to end. I honestly don't know how to feel about it and at the same time, I don't think it will happen neither. Despite all the natural disaster taking place. But come what may, I'm thankful to God for every thing He's given me. (:

How was NYE? The usual for me, drinking with friends. What more is there to do on NYE? Every where is packed with people, spray, foam and the usual countdown stuff.

A little tiny bit of a goner. 


And then the clock strike 00:00AM 1st January 2012. And then what rushed to my thoughts were how I'd be repeating everything all over again. ); It's the beginning of another new year, yet another roller coaster ride, yet like any other day, I'd hope to survive! :')

Received his message around 00:20AM. Bittersweet feeling. I must admit, I didn't had any expectations. Hence I was pretty surprised, cause he's out of town. But that was all there is. A mere 10 seconds voice message was all he gave. But to think about, it was something out of my expectations, the happy me immediately down a pint. And that's when the alcohol kicks in, and that's when all the thoughts came along. You think it was easy? Think again. A part of me wanted to just burst into tears, another part of me just had to held it in, in hopes of not ruining the new years for my friends. (: I SUCCEEDED. Pft. No big anyway.

That marked my countdown, no fireworks, no love, no soul.

Have a good year ahead my lovely readers. Abundance of health, love, joy & happiness.