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Thursday, November 26, 2009 @ 4:25 PM

Our first picture together.

I miss.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 @ 9:32 PM

I miss.


I love you.

@ 2:38 PM

Every day have been freezing cold. Literally it is. I've been 'living' in the college's library for the past few days. Its freaking cold, and not only that the weather's going cuckoo. It's cold at night, I don't even need to on my air cond to sleep anymore. :( 2012's coming. I hope I'll be living in LV then. :D

Pft, finals are draining me. Constantly so worried if I'm gonna fail. Bah! I'm in college, bye. -_-

Sunday, November 22, 2009 @ 10:16 PM

People always say, whatever you wish for doesn't come true. Be it on your birthday, or when a meteor appears, or during christmas and whenever it's possible to make a wish. Wishes never come true. Fairy god mother's doesn't exist, santa claus doesn't exist. That explains why my wish for the past 18 years never did materialize. Hahaha! :P

In a way, it's true. People wish for a lot of things. A perfect partner, to live like the rich and famous, to do things with no boundaries, to have this, to have that and so on. Well the truth is, they don't come true. Whatever you want is whatever you can't get. Even if you do, well congrats. You're extraordinary. What you see in movies is not what reality is like. No one is ever like what you see in movies. No one's gonna do all those things for other people.

Stop wishing, stop hoping and stop wanting. Come whatever that may. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009 @ 4:05 PM

Waking up with your message makes me a happier girl. Woke up pretty early to catch up with moral studies before heading for exam. Exam was fine, most of the things came out and the essay wasn't that bad, though I was expecting another topic that he gave. Oh well, for the first time ever, spending all the time given to complete the paper. Phew, one paper off my shoulder. Another three to go!

Being the random me, just yesterday when I was on my way back from college. A bag was lying in the middle of the road. So I told Fana that I'm so curious how slippers, bags and what not gets in the middle of the road. Hahaha, so when I was driving back just now, the motorcyclist right in front of me drop his slippers. Lol, and his slippers when flying 360 degrees to God knows where. Hahah, therefore I came to a conclusion and found out how slippers are found in the middle of no where. Yet to discover how bags are on the road though. :P

Something's bothering my mind right now. So hard to get it off, it's true when people say females tend to think more. Well yeah, here I am. Thinking a truck load of things. :(

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 @ 6:13 PM

It's funny how when I start writing, I just want to write so much more. The other day when I watched MJ, there was a lot of trailers before it started. Most of it was to be out on February. Well, knowing its valentines, 9 out of 10 were chic flicks, romantic movies and what not. And the funny thing is, whatever that's portrayed in the movie is never real. Why is that? Is it because it's just not a society norm to be perfect in love? Well, more obvious than not, no one is actually perfect. So I guess that explains it?

Girls are somewhat of something that you can't seem to really figure out what they want. They are fickle and they tend to change their decisions really quickly. Though I'm not talking about all, but I'm talking about some. I believe that girls like to be pampered, not by material things, but by attention and love. No girls wouldn't love kisses on the forehead, because it makes them feel loved so much more. No girls wouldn't love waking up with a text message from their boyf, it automatically makes them smile like there's no tomorrow and probably it will just make the entire day a better day. No girls wouldn't like to have cute pet names or whatever you want to call them, but it's all these little things that make girls happy.

Weird but I intended to write about all these when I saw those trailers the other day, and Carmen reminded me of how much she's a sucker for love today, and also because of her presentation last week! ;D

@ 10:22 AM

I know how I've neglected my blog for God know how many years, but the fact is that I've actually lost the mojo to blog and have been really busy with college! Don't mean to sound all I'm so great kind of thing but yeah, it's kinda hectic and it's really draining all my juice! And not to mention that finals are drawing near, and I'm only starting to buckle up like now. Though I only have 4 papers, but kinda suck that all is about memorizing and yeah that's what makes my whole semester pretty hard. Well, it's another short semester coming up and can't wait for it to begin already! ;D

Been down with food poisoning and I must say it felt like hell. It was pure torture and the fact that you can't do much about it but just rest and rest and still continue resting. Feeling so much better already but still refraining from eating too much.

I've been saving pretty much lately. I have somet things to get and yet I'm only left with a 100 or so! :( So much of saving, but again I did splurge some lately. Irritates me that I had to shop and what not! Oh well, good day everyone. Check out my group's trailer for our film studies project. ;D