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Wednesday, March 5, 2008 @ 10:33 PM

As much as I would still want to stay with Xanga, but Xanga just wouldn't let me blog! So this is just gonna be a temporary blog. I cant let go two years of blog postings! You know for the past few days I've been thinking so much. People often walk in and out in life. Especially colleague's who quit and work at other places. Not that Im working. But yeah. Class mates who migrates. Friends who is studying abroad. You know I'm just saying that friends come and go. Not for a permanent time, but you wont get to see them as often as you used to.

I know I'm gonna miss seeing them so much cause that's like the only place we meet, and they wont be there anymore. I wouldn't see them going crazy. I wouldn't see them doing what they always do. I wouldn't see them joking with me anymore. :( I don't know who will I stop meeting next. I don't know who will walk away from me next. I don't know who's gonna quit their job next. They helped me in so many things, I'm not gonna have any more privileges. Prfft. ); I'm not gonna be on the special list anymore. );

I've also been thinking, what the heck have I been doing to myself? For the very few days I've been starving myself to death and for this few days I've been eating like I've never eaten for months. How can I succeed when I can't even control? The Rachael Teng that you will know is someone who is very determined with the things that she wants. If she wants that, it means she will get that. People often say, there's one thing that I know about the Rachael Teng they know. "
She is very determined". Yes I will be determined. I will and I have to. How do you be a brand? Its not about what people say, its about how you present yourself. Its about how the package is. I will be a brand soon enough.

How do you succeed if you can't even control yourself?