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Wednesday, February 25, 2009 @ 12:49 PM

I came back about 1+ yesterday night. I am now down with a fever. I feel much better compared to yesterday. My head was heavy, my nose was "running"! Pft. I better recover soon! Or not I'll be missing out some good music! :D Counting down, 2 more days till Daniel's concert! :D

So I came back, took a panadol and went back to my room. With my bare eyes I saw Khalil's album sitting on my table waiting for me! Weeeeee~!

Yeay, I am a happy happy girl! Yeay me! :D

I wanna drink lots and lots of water to recover. Can feel a slight sore throat coming my way too! Omg, noooooo!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 @ 3:45 PM

I love dorky looking guys. (: Maybe I have a slight change of taste lately. In music that is, either than that I haven't change a single bit? :P

I used to like pop, ballad and a little rock. But its a whole new concept now! Bossa nova, jazz and rnb soul! Bossa nova all started when I stepped into Rock Corner in Subang Parade and there they were playing the bossa nova album called "Back to Love". It consisted of mainstream music but in the bossa nova way. Check out Rachelle Spring & Marcela Mangabeira. Jazz when I got to know about Frank Sinatra. RnB Soul when I got to know more about Khalil Fong.

Well besides all this, I love dorky looking guys! Oh I've mentioned that haven't I ? :p

Crowd Lu! It seems that he was an accidental singer. He was on his way to college on his motorbicycle and then he got hit by a car and there he flew right in front of a bus and that's when his legs got ran over by the bus. Yes, tragic isn't it? Well, from there he had a break from college and its then when he started composing. He joined a competition after that and met producers and that's how he made it. Came to my surprise he's already have TWO albums. If you realize, the picture above actually has the marks. Check out his legs and you'll see it.

Khalil Fong? When he was 16, he sent demos that he written to music producers. And 4 years later, Warner Music decided to sign him. Which means, he was 20 then. He is now 25! :D

I am actually rushing now, so yeah. :D Paw paw!

Monday, February 23, 2009 @ 2:20 AM

Villi Geow.

He forced me to blog about him. He claims that he stimulates my blood to boil. :P And he likes to get on my nerves, I wish i could strangle him. :D He likes to bull talk me. Pss, I think he's gay!

Good night :D

Sunday, February 22, 2009 @ 4:00 AM

Today was a rather exciting day for me. Was at Sg Wang earlier to catch Daniel hosting for a Thai artiste, by the name of Tor+. Yes, the plus sign is meant to be there. He started playing piano when he was THREE freaking years old! He plays it so freaking well! He is just so great in it. A very bubbly and shy boy.

On the other hand, Khalil Fong is having his promo tour in Malaysia! :D "Extended" my stay in Sg Wang and anticipated for a good show from Khalil. Before the show started, I was suppose to meet him. But looking at the fact that there was no backstage, I thought "okay, I don't think I'll be meeting him after all."

Little did I know, I still had the chance to meet him! He has already arrived at the venue but he was sitting in the car. Well, yes I met him personally! Boyyy, my heart was beating fast. He came out from the car and there stood the gentleman that I've been dieing to meet! In front of my eyes. I wish time would stop right there. *slaps*

My sister's colleague told me "its okay, don't freak out!" Hahaha! We talked a little. Only because he was rather shy, quite and perhaps cool. I was lucky enough that I didn't step on his shoes, nor did i trip over any wires or dividers.

The show started with an anonymous host. I had no idea who she was. I don't know if she introduced herself, because I wasn't paying much attention! Well not until Khalil came out! :p Khalil sang three songs in total, two acoustic songs ;D He is awesome! I mean he is realllllly good! He plays real good guitar too. :D

These three pictures are my personal fav in my collection. Well my view wasn't that good as there were some fanatics in front who couldn't stop waving to Khalil. :D Some of my friends was rather surprised that I actually like Khalil! Hahah! Anyway more pictures in my facebook! ;D

I've seen two musicians today. Now I am curious, how come musicians happen to be the same? Quite, shy and cool. Doesn't talk much but produce a lot of good music. Hmmm. Musicians are too good to be true! (:

Was heading to dinner after Sg Wang. Stopping right at the corner of 32 Square made me had a funny feeling. Though I couldn't see anything or anyone. But yeah, I felt that somehow he was probably there. Or perhaps I am just thinking too much eyh? ;D

We went Jaya One for dinner. I think Jaya One has the worse infrastructure ever! I HATE THAT PLACE. Its ridiculous! I was so furious when I was there! You know what? I don't even wanna explain why, but I HATE JAYA ONE can? :D

I guess its been some time since I've stood for such a long hour! My leg actually hurts! I am tired, but still not sleeping! Look at the time! I better tuck in now ;D I am a happy girl today! ;D

I adore Khalil Fong!

Saturday, February 21, 2009 @ 3:14 AM

I know perhaps I haven't been a really good friend to everyone. I know I don't share my problems and secrets with you guys. But I guess this is the time that I really have to open up. I've been seeing someone lately and boyyy this guy blew me away every time I see him! We're at the early stage and yeah I am still getting to know him a little better. The good thing is, I am sure he is different. Even a better thing that makes him different is, he is from Hong Kong. He was born in Hawaii though. Isn't that cool! He have been moving here and there. And I guess he's in Malaysia now. Remember I said I was going out till very late every night? Well....... Yeah. I was with him. I am so glad that we're spending every day and night together. I mean, yeah who would have expected this from me? I know, being too clingy isn't that good of a thing. But I can't help it. He's addictive! He often reminds me about my previous relationship, but I guess I have to let bygones be bygones right? Its just the matter of time! And I want you guys to meet him too! He's a bit dorky looking, but still as cute as ever. (:

He is ........

Yes, Khalil Fong. I've been spending my days listening to him. Day and night.

Okay, yes its crap lah! Just for the fun of it! :P But I really have been listening to him a lot okay! (; And his songs does remind me about of the past! So I wasn't really lying you see!

I don't know when did I discover his songs. I didn't know how. But I've been keeping up with his music. Its good! And here's the thing, I'm meeting him tomorrow! I AM REALLY MEETING HIM PERSONALLY TOMORROW. I try not to expect anything because, I don't wanna be disappointed in the end. I only TRY, because in my mind I am thinking of all possibilities! HAHAHAHA! Okay, I've gotta relax. And perhaps, I should really just expect the unexpected! ;D So okay, I will try not to trip over wires, dividers, chairs or anything in my way. I will try not to embarrass myself.

Anyway I am really looking forward to meet him tomorrow. Wait i mean in a few hours time! I've actually lost this type of feeling for a very long time. I guess its back now. Because I am actually feeling nervous! Haha! I need my beauty sleep! Wish me luck! ;D


Friday, February 20, 2009 @ 3:26 AM

My sleeping hours are totally all around the world! I sleep "early" and wake up late! Pft! Talking about not doing anything, all I do is wake up go online , watch tv, eat lunch, wait for dinner, watch tv and online again and then eat supper and wait for the time to pass. Talk about weight gaining huh?

I should be taking up driving classes instead of rotting at home! It sucks to depend on people to bring me to places! Its been a month already and I am repeating this routine. Is either this or I go out till very late and STILL end up eating supper! How how how!

Not to forget that I am sure that results are coming out pretty soon and I have yet to decided what to really take up and most important where to study! I heard Segi is not good, what more choices do I have?

KDU which is 12k more expensive than Segi and has NO parking space for students?! Or Taylors? Almost double the price of Segi! What has education turn into?! Its like selling gold or something! I guess only Segi and IACT is left into consideration. Gahhh.

I hope i just won't regret going to the college that I will choose. Oh well, I guess I am not turning in very "early" today.

Thursday, February 19, 2009 @ 4:41 AM

*points at clock* gahhh! I only seem to be blogging at weeeee hours! Having supper almost every night. *die straight straight!* Adoi, my hair is getting worse and worse now. Its totally out of shape but please tell me, where is that very one hair stylist that I can trust?! Well as I've experienced, most of the time when I get out from the salon, I'd definitely hate the way it turned out. But weeks later, it seems to be okay. Hmmm, maybe I should take a visit to the salon soon enough. Let's say this weekend? ;P

Another thing is, I hate the way my hair color turned out. Its so not visible! I like loud and outstanding! Well definitely not blonde. Hmmm, I should plan something before I get on to college. Pft, college is another headache! Where to go? :( Another thing, I haven't taken my driving license yet! Omgggg! There's so many things that I've yet to do! I've gotta get my license soon! Because some lazy people doesn't like to bring me out. I wonder who if its not her? :P

I hope I still can slot in a vacation before college starts. First of all, I am not even sure of what college to go to! :( Oh well, I guess I'll just take one step at a time. :D

I've never been perfect, but neither have you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 @ 5:07 AM

Look at the time! *points!* Gahhh! Why am I still awake?! I'm trying to find an answer to a question. But can't seem to find the answer! Maybe because I am not using the right terms for my search! I am pretty curious about how do photographers take picture and it gets directly transferred to the computer. Yes I know it must be a cable or so, BUT how does it actually works? Do you get what am I even trying to say? Its like what you see in ANTM. They take a photo, and poof* its already in the computer. HOW HOW HOW? :S

My interest towards photography is evolving! But I have a long way to go! I have a lot to learn! Mac! A'haa! Mac ofcourse is the king to all graphics! I dont know if I will ever come across a professional photographer who's not using mac!

How I wish I could upgrade myself to Nikon D700. But I guess every time to shutter opens and close it wouldnt sound like the normal shutter, *chak* nopeee. It will be more likely to sound like *kaching* Hahaha! Yes, the body of this camera cost about 8.5k! Bare in mind that its the only the body.

And how good would it be if I will have the chance to use this flash ring! But then again, I've got a lot of things to learn before I get on with all this high-tech stuff!

Its ANTM inspired! HAHAHA! Okay, dreaming a little too much! Hahahah. *points at time and faint*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 @ 8:08 PM

I've unbling-a-fied my phone and my camera! Hell it was a hard time to take it off. My nails are hurting! But my phone and camera actually looks SOOOOO much better without blings! Hahaha! I no longer have drama's to boil. I've basically boiled all my dramas! Pft. So okay, what more is there for me to do?

More of eating, sleeping and growing side ways! Someone please bring me out! I'm stuck in the house for too long already! *hihi, i just said in my previous post that i go out too often* :P If I get any more boring-er, I will probably start watching Smile Pasta again. After all its my all time favourite! Hahah! ;D

Oh yeah, have I not mentioned that I WANT TO GO KARAOKE?! Hahaha, I like how I can really let go of myself. But it also depends who I go with. With a crazy bunch, definitely I can sing out of tune, run out of tune etc. Hahah, I have the sudden crave to keep going karaoke ever since the last time I went with the crazy ones! Hahaha! :D

Okay, i look forward to karaoke and paw-ing ;D

ps: SOMEONE is being so sombong, dont know how to pick up their phone nor do they know how to call back. I wonder who. Hmmmm.

@ 4:00 AM

Look at the time! *points at the clock* Its 4.17am now! While I am still wide awake. Lately I've been going out at night a little too much. I'll end up going for supper before coming home and that's where all the extra pounds are coming from!

Had steamboat at Puchong earlier in the evening. Well, more like at night. It was probably 9pm then! You guys might not know, but steamboat is one of my favourites! Despite the waiting, but its all worth it! Hahah!

Anyway, Im just saying if I keep this "habit" of having supper every night, I will be looking rounder than a fish ball by end of the month! :D Yes, thats good! Chinese says, HUATTT A! :D

Talking about end of the month, Danell is having a mini concert or some would say a showcase! I'm sure that this time around its gonna be different. A jazzy and classy theme. 27th February 2009, 8pm @ Wisma MCA. Block your calendars and I'll see you there alright? I'm anticipating for an awesome relaxation! ;D For more details, log on to Danell's official fansite.

Don't forget to be there in pink. (;

Saturday, February 14, 2009 @ 10:29 AM

I always liked to describe life in two different type of ways. The first one, life is like a dictionary. Why? Because in a dictionary, as you flip the pages you learn at least one or two new word & meaning. So life is just like that, as you go on you learn more things.

Or perhaps in other words, life is like a gallery. Your own personal gallery. You paint the pictures, you hang it up. Be it bad or good, ugly or pretty. You make your own decisions, you do your own thing. Actually I don't really know what am I crapping about.

I have my up and downs and so do everyone of you. Sigh, why does it even matter? I mean regarding this post. And so I've been watching a little too much drama which is polluting the way I am thinking. Haha! Thinking about it makes me wanna laugh.Things that happen in drama would only happen in a drama. Why even bother thinking if there is really such thing out there in the world. I mean, people get what they deserve. But I guess right now, I deserve nothing. ):

Pft, again and again I go. How does he do it? He knows exactly when is the right time to do something to change my mind. Its like, he reads my mind or something?! Sigh.

Anyway its valentines today! Which made me think that there's no such necessity to celebrate because for lovers, everyday is valentines. Today is just another excuse to raise the price of roses, another excuse to have an expensive dinner out, another excuse to make their boyfriends celebrate a "special" day with them, another excuse to receive chocs&flowers. Hahah, its definitely the girls who are more particular about this day. As for the singles, there's nothing to shout about :P

Happy Valentines. (;

Friday, February 13, 2009 @ 2:40 PM

I am angry because someone is getting on my nerves. :D But at least he doesn't break my heart into a million pieces, he says. *koffkoff* :D Now you happy? =D

Egg with cocoa? :D Do you wanna cook for me sir? :P

Thursday, February 12, 2009 @ 8:36 PM

Hmmm, it seems that most people don't actually know that I am four-eyed! Hmmm. A friend of mine asked me that day "Eh, you wear contact lense one a?" -_-" Because that very day itself I was wearing my spectacles. Hahaha.

I have yet to take up driving classes yet, hence the boredom. I've been watching drama everyday. And i dont know what more to say, I'VE LOST THE MOJO TO BLOG.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 @ 1:28 AM

Am i that bad? Am I not good enough? Will I ever be good enough for you? Or perhaps just for anyone? We used to talk till dawn, we used to share so much! Be it good or bad, you'd be the first to know everything! But I guess things change, people change. You changed.

You just don't know how much it hurts. You'll never understand. You used to be the one whom I always look forward to talk to. Every time my phone beeps, I'd always hope that it was a text from you. Every time I come online, I always wished that you'd IM me. Every time I receive a new comment, I'd wish it was you. Its not that I dont hope or look forward to all these from you anymore, but because it never comes. I am tired from hoping and wishing. I'm tired of waiting.

I've tried my very best to get over you. I've tried my best to forget. I met someone, and thought he could replace you. I knew I was faking it. But I found this one thing that is true, I am nothing without you.

Is there anyone that I could talk to? Is there anyone that will understand me? Its okay, I'm used to the way how you would seek for my help when you need me. I'm used to the way that you pop out every time when I am ready to let go of you.

Maybe I've been thinking too much. A little too much. I used to be busy with work, I stand 8 hours a day come home and lie flat on the bed and it turns into a routine. But now that I'm not working. All I do is eat, sleep, online, shit and THINK. I don't think I can take this any longer. Sigh. Help? Bring me to karaoke or something, let me shout and scream at the top of my lungs and maybe I'd feel better. Pft.

its someone else behind that smile.

Sunday, February 8, 2009 @ 5:17 AM

Why is it that I feel so uncomfortable with the way I am? Is there a problem with me? How come every guy that I meet, seems to be oh-so-wrong? Quote guru pitka "if you can't love yourself, you can't love another." Is that true?

I was talking to a friend of mine and he says it might be something that I already know but just don't want to accept it. And maybe I really should stop living in my own comfort zone?

There's one thing for sure that is, I cant get over the insecurity I felt with my ex. I can't stop thinking that all guys would cheat on me like how my past 3 relationships did. Am I not good enough for them? It doesnt matter, what matters is; when can i get over this kinda feeling? pft.

I'll never be good enough for anyone.

Stop pointing fingers, the blame is on me.

pss; its soooo early, i hope there isn't typos!

Saturday, February 7, 2009 @ 8:32 PM

Temptation is a sin, here's a breath taking picture taken at Look Out Point. It was to die for, I love the view from the top. It was heart stopping. I simply dont know how to express how I felt when I was looking at the whole KL. *inhale* I still dont know how to express it in words!

More to come. (:

@ 2:13 AM

I know I keep saying I would blog soon. But my soon never seem to come huh? Its just like how I always say I wanna lose weight, I wanna eat less tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. Hahaha, that's how it is. I've basically lost the passion to blog. I dont have the urge to spill my emotions, or talk about how my day was etc. Ever since I keep having difficulties to blog in Xanga that is! Pft!

Anyway, I had one hell of a day today! Woke up pretty late today, got ready and off I was to OU. Karaoke at Neway for almost three hours. Well it wasnt hours of singing, more like hours of shouting and yelling and jumping and heart popping! Hahahaha! Thank you to the crazy bunch SY, SH & PK. Decided to catch Pei Jie at Wings, Puchong. But then I guess he flew some aeroplanes. It has been two days okay! So okay, we decided to go Wings, Kepong to catch Jia Wang! Didn't regret a single bit. So much great songs and also those songs they sang made us realise that we actually didnt sing a lot of songs during karaoke! So we've decided to plan another session! Hahaha! I can't wait! :D Paw prints! Paw prints! Cutie! :D

Just a picture to make my posting less dull. Sorry for the lack of updates, as I've resigned from my job. I'll try to get back my inspiration and passion for blogging. :D 3 more days till CNY is over, more red packets please! (:

Life favour the fearless.