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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 @ 11:59 PM


How was 2008 for you? Mine was awesome blossom! There's ups and downs. Happy and sad. Sweet and sour. Fun and boring. And the list goes on.

2008 was filled with buckets of tears, pots of laughter and jars of fun. My final year in high school, Back in 07' I told myself I am giving myself one year to look good for prom. Obviously I failed miserably! Hahaha. Well I purchased my first ever vuitton, and theres another one coming in 2009. Well, no! Im kidding! Hahaha. Someone made me happy for the entire week because we went out together. My birthday was no big deal, but it was with great people though there wasnt any celebration nor presents. I took tuition(s), and so teachers drove me up the wall, got on my nerves and made me go crazy. I sat for SPM, I wasnt a girl/lady/woman for five months. It was all due to stress. I dyed my hair and regret because it was not worth the price I paid. I started work only because I wanted to get another vuitton, but not after i know how hard is it to earn RM5 -__-" Dont be amazed please.

These are basically the highlights of year 2008. I am waiting for a more exciting and challenging 2009 because I know God created challenges to strengthen us and never to defeat us. (: I hope I am strong enough to face it. I know how people always make resolutions and people probably put effort into doing it for the first month, but this time around I've really gotta make a change in myself! I am gonna attend college! :D Its gonna be a new me ;D

Thank you to every single one of you who have made my 2008 awesome like a flower blossom. You guys are too wonderful to be mentioned. :D
pss, im secretly afraid if i would miss out anyone.

Its the very last minute of 2008, have a dazzling new 2009. (;

Monday, December 29, 2008 @ 11:49 PM

What an awesome blossom way to end my year. Yeah, please surprise me with more GREAT news. :D No, I am really being sarcastic! I AM NOT HAPPY. :)

Dont you just adore irrelevant smileys? #$@#&%!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008 @ 10:12 PM

Its the holiday month! Which makes my work more fun because I get triple pay on public holidays! Which also makes it the month of big sales! Yes, everywhere having sales! Everywhere you go, its written SALES on the window display! I havent did a single shopping for CNY. I dont have off days. And I dont expect myself to shop everything in Bangkok. No way for sure. Jan 3rd, my off day! Which is also Zyna's wedding. Which means i have to appreciate time, I've planned to go shopping in Pavilion in the afternoon since her dinner is somewhere near there. Clothes, bags, shoes and everything good. I know sales are over by then, but I dont look like I have any choice dont I? Well I'll get my pay by then and hopefully, by shopping, I will make myself happy.

Yes I'm not happy, why? Because I know too much liars. Too much cheaters, too much betrayers, too much backstabbers! And I feel like I have no friends. I feel left out, yes I really do. What happened to the friendship we used to have? Pft.

I know working is not everything, but I hope to get a Baby Phat bag and some Mac cosmetics to satisfy myself. To appreciate all the hard work I've put in for two months :P Yeah at the end of the day, I finish all my pay and i'll live in the woods and chewing on leaves!

I do plan to stop work by end of January. No more public holidays on Feb, means no more triple pay which also means not worth working. HAHA! Okay, $_$ thats me! And I've also planned my February! Driving classes and make up course! Not forgetting to really decide what I want to study in college and which college to go to. I also have to find out about open days in college. My ideal college would be KDU, Taylors or TOA. Depending what am I studying.
I have four choices in mind. Multimedia/Graphic Design or Mass comm majoring in either Advertising/Broadcasting. I love to do designing, I am not saying im good but its my interest. BUT I dont want it as my career! I cant be sitting in front of the computer 24-7. No day no night? Hmmmm. AS much as I adore photography, its not a career type of thing. I guess I'll just make it a hobby! ); Do let me know about what you guys think, I need opinions! Leave me comments, IM me, call me, text me or anything! Thank you in advance. I know i am not getting any reply on this! :D Last but not least I think I need a DRASTIC change before I enter college. (: What say you? :P

Friday, December 26, 2008 @ 10:53 PM

Mardi Gras Madness!

Our prom night was a success! After much disagreement among the committee's here and there, but it all came to an end, I proudly say we made it happen!

I thought I was really simple on my prom night. VERYYY simple. (: Here are a few pictures taken at the end of the dinner because I was too busy to be mingling around during the dinner.

Prom King! See the mask on his hands? ;P

Once again, WE made it happen! (;

What's your ideal prom night like? A puffy dress which might make you look like cinderella if you were blonde, great curl for you hair, awesome looking make up, a suitable clutch, a matching pair of shoes and a hot date?

Mine was nothing near that!

1. I didnt purposely scout for a dress.
2. I wore my sister's clubbing dress and took her clutch.
3. I wore my other sisters shoes
4. Took my friend's accessories
5. Planned my make up only on that very morning.
6. Did my hair 7 hours in advance not caring if its gonna look bad during the event.

Last but not least.

7. I didnt go with any dates. (;

I used to think that prom is not all about having dates. But I guess not after all. Oh well, prom is over and it was pretty awesome. Though this prom was definitely not my ideal prom night. (; Not the prom night that I've been imagining since I entered high school at least ;p


Thursday, December 25, 2008 @ 12:00 AM

Merry Christmas!

:D Its the time of the year again. Every one's purchasing christmas presents, there's caroling, and kids waiting for Santa to slide in from the chimney so that they could get their desired gifts!

If santa would grant you one wish, what wish would you wish for?

I would wish for money to grow under
my bed, desires to come my way, Malaysia to have 4 seasons. Noooo, I am kidding!

I would really wish for world peace, world to be free from natural/non-natural disasters, world to be free from criminals etc and last bu
t not least, happiness for me and my loved ones. (; Santa I've been good, now would you grant my simple wish? :D

My never ever spelled correctly name. Thank you DNP! :D

Awesome blossom! Thank you Jon. :D

Have a very happy berry merry fatty christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 @ 5:07 PM

falalalalal! Its christmas eve, and no im not going anywhere for countdown. I have work tomorrow, and I cant afford to sacrifice my beauty sleep! But I did go out with Mei Fenn just now. Yes, she came all the way from Klang! She wasn't working and I wasn't too! We went to Pyramid. AGAIN. Like I dont have enough of pyramid right?

I didnt even realise it was christmas eve till my friend told me about it. Hahaha! Oh well, this shows that I am not that concern about it. Which is good, because I shouldnt be thinking too much about it!

Thank you for trusting me to drive even when I dont have any license! :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008 @ 8:57 PM

I am already complaining on my second week of work. I've seen most of my colleagues have their leaves while I work every freaking single day. I STAND 8 hours a day as a part timer. I think I am worseeeee than a full timer!

I am telling myself that I can do this till end of January, but the other side of me is asking when can I do this till? Pft. Oh, not forgetting I have breaks alone because including me, we have 5 workers. Two morning shift, another two afternoon shift, while I most of the time take the center shift. Which also gives me a different break from anyone else!

My other colleague from MS is gonna resign, so she wont be having breaks with me anymore. But my school mate is joining MS, so who knows she's gonna be my break partner :P ANYWAY, I think am such a drama queen. I want to transfer to the clothing line instead of being in the fashion line! Pft! Yaya, enough about work.

Im gonna start writing about how year 2008 have been meaningful to me, or maybe not. ;P

Monday, December 22, 2008 @ 12:00 AM

I keep telling myself that I will be better. I keep telling myself there's no such thing about who cant live without whoever. I keep telling myself that he's not worth my tears, he's not worth my time. I keep telling myself that I can move on. But at the very end of the day, I fall back flat on where I tried to stand up.

Whats the point of doing so much when he knows exactly nothing about what I have to go through everyday? What does he knows about me? Nothing to be exact.

I dont know if I should be drowned in tears or die from laughter. I dont know if I should be happy or sad. Is this a new beginning or another ending. I know I often tell myself that, every ending has a new beginning. But this time around, I have no idea what more to tell myself so that I would feel better.

Its as if I am sitting on a marry-go-round. Everything is like a routine for me, same things keep happening and I dont know how to trust or believe anymore. Fall in love, get cheated and so so so. Pft.

You've been a wonderful person, you've made things great. You've brighten up things for me and made me feel like no other.

Im out of words, i dont know what more to say. I dont know how more to express myself. I dont know how more should I put things in words. I dont know if today is the day that I've not been wanting to meet.

Its the simple things that I am asking for.


Sunday, December 21, 2008 @ 9:51 AM

I think I am finally changing to blogspot already. Xanga didnt give me a choice, at any time any place. I cant seem to log in to blog. Besides, it seems like everyone is changing to blogspot too! I havent take the initiative to really change to blogspot because I've been really busy. Busy doing what? Hmmm, something that no one believes. -__-" Yes I am working. :D Hahahaha, are you guys amazed? Yes I clock in at 11am, clock out at 8pm most of the time. Come home I bathe, eat and sleep and it goes on like this for days. 13 days of working I've only had one off day, which was for prom! For that, I dont even consider myself having any off days at all! I think I am worse than a full timer, Ive seen them have their off days more than twice already! While I just had one day. Pftt.

But then again, I've been working on all the public holidays, which also means TRIPLE PAY for me! ;D Schedules are out, I'm working on christmas, new years and second day of CNY too! :D

Talking about planning, have you seen Starbucks' 2009 planner? mmHmm, Im in love with it. Finally got my hands on it yesterday :D Have been hesitating to get it though.

Its quite a long posting for a new beginning, but oh well. SPREAD THE LOVE, I am now blogging in www.tengtengtengteng.blogspot.com (:

with a tear i wonder why did you let it go so fast.