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Thursday, January 29, 2009 @ 2:02 AM

You never fail to disappoint me. And I really mean never. (:

Dont you just adore irrelevant smileys?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 @ 11:09 PM

Why is it that people only care about you when you are facing difficulties? Why is it that people only "re-unite" for the good and the bad but never the ordinary? ie: someone's death or someone's marriage but never just out for dinner etc.

Why is that people only bother to call when they've read your nasty blog post? There's so many questions running around my mind now! Not only these, but as well as my personal matters. I am supposed to be anticipating for an exciting February because there are some task that I would be handling. But agian, never put your hopes too high. Things might not turn out the way I want it to be. :D But I am curious and anxious!

Still not in the mood to blog much. I need to talk to people. );

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 @ 12:37 AM

I know I said I would blog about Look out point, but I currently have no mood at all to edit pictures. Yes I am back from Bangkok, and I am very safe. :D But I didnt do much shopping. I dont know how to shop! Shopping is a skill! And I dont have it! Pft. I've gotta learn from the great. Hahah.

You know what's nice about working? When you're meeting new people. I've meet a lot of colleagues, looking at how big DNP is. Not only that, my outlet managers, visual merchandisers, HR managers and it goes on. Everytime we get the news about any one of them visiting the store, we're all pressured with whatever that they will be commenting on. Well more like for the full timers, I as a part timer, I have nothing much to worry about.

Whats even nicer about my job is, I've got some compliments! Cheyhh! Despite the fact that 9 out of 10 people in DNP thinks I am a malay, and also 9 out of 10 chinese customers speak to me in malay. Hahah!

I've learned a lot from my supervisor and also my outlet managers. Not forgetting my visual merchandiser! They have been nothing but nice to me. :D Sometimes I do enjoy my work. But I know I would love my job so much more if I was in the clothing line instead of the fashion line. I still have yet to decide if I want to resign end of this month. But then again, I do have some problems in transportation now. ); Oh well, we'll see how things go.

Pay day is nothing near, but I want to get some cosmetics! And also hopefully E71! My VM is using it, and its so tempting when I see it! :P I've gotta work hard for it!

work, worked, working, work, worked, tired. Pft.

Thursday, January 8, 2009 @ 10:28 PM

Flower Drum, Kuala Lumpur.

I don't like this Porsche, but I like it cause its a Porsche. :D


A slight cam whore while waiting for the dinner to start :D

Eric & Ken. Was surprised to have met Ken there. :D

Zyna looking stunning! :D

Aww, the bride and groom walking in the ballroom. (:

Me and Theng Theng. My superbly awesome blossom professional marvelous make up artist!

Me with the bride and groom. (: They've got my blessings! Love them to bits!

You know how chinese weddings are like right? The invitation writes 7pm sharp and so punctual people like me reach about 6.45 and then you sit till other guest arrives and that would be about 8.45pm. So you wait for 2 hours, get served finish the food and leave! Hahaha.

Not forgetting the toast to the the bride and groom, and in chinese weddings ofcourse you get the chinese tradition where you go "YUMMMMMMM SENGGGGGGG" and not "cheers!" Hahaha! XD

It was after all a great experience for me to witness pre-wedding night and pre-wedding morning. (:

I've learned a lot. Love takes time and after ever fall, you stand up to be stronger and not stay at the same spot thinking and crying over what you've lost. Because you've lost nothing but in return you gained experience. (:

*Look out point next (:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009 @ 7:51 PM

I am so lazy to edit pictures for Zyna's pre wedding night. But it was after all a good new experience for me to see how does the chinese tradition work :D I woke up pretty early the next morning, about 6.45 am to get ready to go to Zyna's place. Well, my mom wanted to tag along and hence she made me late. I swear I was ready by 7.10! I was suppose to reach by 7.30! Ended up there at 8! Pft! The groom was early! I reached and there parked a 700k Porsche Cayenne in front of the lobby!

Task one completed but yet failed at the same time.

This is the culprit for every nasty picture you see here! Hahaha!

See what I mean? :P

Yes, another two guys have to eat that banana and those grapes from there! Hahah!

They had to drink alcohol about 8am+ in the morning. Hahah. And some nasty mixture of liquor!

Enough money to go through? :P

Haha, does this look like a pre-wedding game thing or was it a war?

Entered the house and yet there's still another round of game! Haha!


There were more of those chinese tradition where they have to serve tea to the elders and they give gifts or red packets and so and so!

Awww. (:

Too bad I dont have a proper picture of the Porsche because it was raining! And I didnt follow them to the groom's side for another part of the tradition, I went home! ;D Went shopping and came back to get ready. :D

Pictures of the dinner tomorrow! :D

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 @ 12:07 AM

I've got quite a lot to update. Zyna's pre wedding night, Zyna's pre wedding, Zyna's wedding! Hahaha, and some other nonsense as well. As much as I would like to update, I dont really have the time for it. I come back feeling so tired so I drop dead and sleep and the next morning I wake up for work and the routine goes on and on! Hence my very un-updated blog! Work also made me missed the 5th anniversary for 8tv! I sound so much like a workaholic! Chehhh!

I'm looking forward to Bangkok, hopefully everything goes well. (:

Thursday, January 1, 2009 @ 11:44 PM


How was your new year/NY eve? I didn't go for any countdown hence I didnt feel like it was a brand new year! :D Until I was writing a damage ticket at work, I had to write 01.01.2009! Hahahha! Yes I was working on new years day! Triple pay and 31st was also my pay day! :D And I got a compliment from my supervisor today! Never been late to work and always early! :D No I'm not punctual, but I'm early :D Beat that!

My supervisor also gave me a packet of Famous Amos cookies before I was done with my shift! Thank you! :D

Many people have been asking me whats my new years resolution. I dont know if I did any last year, but I shall stop making em. Well I didnt make any this time around, because whats the point of wasting my time cracking my peanut brain thinking of what should I be changing to when I dont even stick to it? Maybe I would stick to it for a month or less, but after that? Its gone with the wind! :D

I want to save save save! I want that Nokia E71. End of February maybe? :D Wait for my good news!

Have a great year ahead everyone :D