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Wednesday, April 14, 2010 @ 10:23 PM

Brandon turned 21 on the 3rd of April. (:

I went around the bushes and thought about a lot of ways to surprise him. I facebook-ed his friends and invited them to dinner. Though some couldn't make it but was happy enough to get a hand full of his friends to come! (: I custom made CDG cupcakes for him! :D

(: Collected it after class. Went home and rest for a little and then went to fetch him. Made him waited for a little. Cause I had to pass the cupcakes to JY. :D My partner in crime. Hahaha.

Went to Gardens and guess who we met at the parking lot? JY! Omg! He had to twist and turn his words. We went and walk like usual figuring out where to eat and stuff like that. Smart of JY to give him a call and said that he was about to leave already. Hahaha. (: He did ask me to bbm Pikkei and ask her to join us for dinner. So I said, WHY can't we just have dinner together?! And he said, sometimes good to have friends around ma. Hahah, at that moment I felt good! I don't know why but yeah.

And so I said I was hungry, well not really. Cause every one has already been seated at the restaurant :P Nyahahaha. We 'settled' for TGIF, and as we walked in. Much to his surprise, he saw his friends sitting there waiting for him. (: Hahahaha! It's not something big, but it was what I wanted to do. (:

JD steak. Nom.

Surprised him with the cupcakes as well! He didn't know I made those for him ;D

His friends who made things happen. (:

After dinner, I followed him to meet his friends for a little and that was it. (: And the following day, had dinner with him and his sister & boyf. (:

Polaroid pictures that I instantly fell in love with!

Glad that every thing worked out real well and for the first time he had no clue about what's coming his way. Every time I try to surprise him, he somehow knows! Hahaha! Oh well. (: