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Tuesday, January 24, 2012 @ 2:04 PM
Tik tok tik tok.

I always have a hard time trying to keep up to blogging. I know how I used to blog almost everyday back in my Xanga days, but lately I just cant seem to constantly blog about things everyday. Knowing the fact that I'm not working nor studying at the moment, there isn't much to life. I only feel the same and do the same thing everyday. So there's nothing much to write isn't it? Unless I'm pouring my heart out every about how fucking bitter I am .__.

It's Chinese New Year already! Boy time sure flies. This year I don't feel any new year atmosphere at all. I think time is just moving a little too fast, first it was Christmas, then it was New Years and then suddenly it's Chinese New Year. Too much happening, too little time, hence there's no atmosphere I guess.

First year celebrating Chinese New Year without grandma! Usually she'd be the first to wake up, the first to give us our angpows. But this year, she's just not around. Not only that, we didn't even had her cooking for reunion dinner. Damn I miss her. Soon it's gonna be a year, and I still cant believe she's left for almost a year now. I hope she's doing fine.

There's actually quite a lot for me to update, but I guess I just need to find the time and mood to start typing and uploading pictures! (; I'm actually rushing out now, so I'll just stop here and try to update again tonight/soon! (; Toodles! xoxo! Happy Dragon Year!