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Sunday, January 8, 2012 @ 3:33 PM
So many ifs.

There's so many ifs in life. And that's when you realise that there are many things you wish that it was as easy as merely saying. I admit, I'm guilty of only saying. I'm damn good at it. But when it comes to action, I'm no where near to as good as saying. And this upsets me.

Things were going down since half a year ago. And as much as I wish things would start rising again, I can't help the fact that I'm the one who's constantly pulling myself down again.

Biggest mistake was falling for that very wrong person. That's gotten me into so much trouble. So much problem that I can't even handle. ); How to get myself back up? I wonder. Letting go of that one person that makes me happy? Or staying with the person who makes me sad?

Are we wasting each other time? Without him could I have found Mr Right? And without me, maybe he would have found Ms Perfect? Letting go of someone who has given me so much to remember is pretty difficult. Liking someone for six years? When I finally thought I had him? And then he leaves? That's the difficult part. (Note that I say like, not love. Don't say I had a bf previously and all. I constantly had him in mind and have asked people about him)

Or perhaps it's mind over matter? The fact that I constantly say I couldn't do it. But deep down, I actually can? How can I do this when he's all I want, how do I stop trying? ):