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Wednesday, January 25, 2012 @ 1:57 AM

So, on a random weekend my friends decided to go to Blue at Cheras. They've been bugging me to bring them there because the bar happens to be my friends'. And my other friends have been really eager to go, so we've decided to go after say one year? LOL. Yes, they've been wanting to go for that long of a time!

Some may have heard of the bar before, PLU? Pridez? Blue? Yup. If you have, good for you! If you haven't, then check it out when you feel like you want to do something exciting alright? Hahaha! It's located at Taman Segar Cheras! Same row as the guitar store.

The owner, my good friend, my sister. 

She never fails to give me really wise advices. We don't meet often, but she's always there to give me support and never ending encouragement. Have always thought me to love myself above everyone else. And on that very night, she gave me the most comforting hug! Thank you my dear.


What more can I say? (; 

My crazy bunch. 

We can be this close and this crazy. 

Had a really good talk with Lavinia that night. So much to share, and I'm glad that she understands me. Although I teared a little, but it was all good. (: Heart to heart talk never fails, despite being at a really noisy bar! Hahah! ;D I'm blessed to have great friends. xox.