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Thursday, December 15, 2011 @ 6:17 PM

The past one/two weeks have been pretty busy. Well I wouldn't say busy, I was just occupied with things to do. I painted the room downstairs, and I'll be 'shifting' there when I'm done buying furniture and such. One wall pink and another 3 sides in white. Took a whole 6-7 hours to paint! Not forgetting the plaster ceiling!! It was tiring! Of course I gotta thank my parents for helping out too! And my mom for cleaning up! Hahah :D

Went over to Morib last weekend with my mom to catch a show. It was a longgggg drive! Literally same time consumed as to going Malacca! D: But nevertheless, somehow enjoyed the trip. Being able to look at the sea, sunset and enjoy the breeze. I love.

Yes, I was in a tad bit of Christmas mood hence the ribbon head band. Well on the other hand, I manage to get heck lotsa attention from people there. HAHAHAHAH. 

Mmm, have you ever had that feeling of experiencing something good and all you wanted to do was to share it with one particular person? I always have that feeling. Every thing I experience something good, I automatically think of only one person and how I wish that person could either be by my side at that moment or having to experience the same thing together the next time. (:

Christmas is just around the corner and I've been pretty busy making Christmas cards. No, I don't actually celebrate Christmas. But since I've got all the free time in the world, I decided to make Christmas cards for my friends! ;D Also hand made a gift for a friend. (: Happily completed it and it's now safe with it's new owner. I must say, although there wasn't any feeling of satisfaction upon completing, but after giving it to my friend it almost felt like I've gotten a heavy burden off my shoulder. I've been contemplating and having doubts about the gift. The thought of it being handmade gave me all the doubt. I kept worrying what if it was ugly, what if my friend didn't like it, didn't appreciate it and stuff like that. It contained all my sweat, blood, tears, effort & time. I wouldn't want to put all those to waste! Oh well, now the misery has ended. I should feel happy. (: I AM happy.

 Hoping for better things in the coming days. (;