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Sunday, December 5, 2010 @ 10:05 PM
I'm not pointing fingers.

A lot of things amazes me. A lot of thing amuses me too. And I'm amazed at what happened within a blink of eye. Never would I thought that I'd see this coming, but guess what? It did. I was thinking about it and hoping that it was just a small obstacle. Again, I guess not. I tried to patch things up, I made an effort to make things better. But I guess, you've changed your perception towards. It's okay, no one's at fault and I'm not pointing any fingers. I admit, I may not have been much of a great friend, but I think I've tried.

'Stonning' at starbucks while waiting for the adults to be done with the casino! Starbucks brings me joy! I've finally completed all the stamps thingy majeeky! Happy girl! ;D

On the bright side, it's been a pretty good week. When I say pretty good, it means just okay. Met up with Caryn yesterday! I was so happy to know that she's back from Australia. Funny how people don't spend time when they are actually around, but only spend time when they've went farrr away. I guess this is human nature. We couldn't stop talking the very second we met! Was at Decanter for lunch and apparently she finds that restaurant really chilly and awesome! Hee! Watched 'Due Date' at Tcm! Some last minute plans and also had cake at secret recipe after. We went out at 1.30 and I sent her home at 10pm! That's some longgggg talking hours! Hahaha!

Nevertheless I really enjoyed her company. We talked so much about the past and it's really good reminiscing! ;D And also, truth to be told some part caused me to tear. I'm not being dramatic. It's true! hee! Good times good times!

p/s. Back to huffing and puffing week at the gym! (: