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Saturday, December 11, 2010 @ 12:48 AM

I'm pretty confused with myself. I honestly don't know which direction to go anymore. I haven't been myself for the past God knows how many months. I've changed into a different person and I'm sure most of my friends can see it.

I've been feeling extra emo for the past few days. Yes, gazillion things was going through my mind. And honestly, I don't know what's the point for thinking so much. I try to keep myself occupied, but I don't know what's wrong with me. Despite being dead tired, I still stay awake till 4-5am! In fact I'm feeling day tired right now, I just got back from the gym at 11.30pm and it's almost 1am now and I'm not even tucked in. All I keep thinking about is nonsense. I know I said I'd keep myself occupied. But I guess no matter how occupied I am, I still can think.

Lately I've been extra emo and also extra grumpy. I don't think it's the time of the month, but maybe it's just the diet. Truth to be told, I eat one meal a day and it's really frustrating. And I really watch out for what I eat for that one miserable meal. I'm not complaining, after all it's what I really want. But then I guess nothing beats wanting something else. Sigh.

It was superbly hard to fall asleep last night. I was listening to Bruno Mars' "Talking to The Moon", pretty great song for someone like me. Cried a little while I was thinking about nonsense. Sigh, time to really really really be better. (;

ps/ i like to add pictures to my postings to not make it seem boring! so hee! i know it's irrelevant!

All the above pictures taken in Genting ;D