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Monday, November 8, 2010 @ 9:54 PM
Strawberries, tea and scones.

Cameron Highlands with the familia last two weeks! Was there for 2 days and enjoyed every second of it! Stopped by at my mom's hometown, Kampar!

They have this really cute egg tarts. So small and taste good too! :D

Apparent, famous dude who fry the noodles as he sits down. Nothing special about his food anyway.

I love these two photos above.

Honestly, going to 'Rose Valley' literally wasted my time. But then again, it started to rain shortly after we were done. Went back to our house settled down and everyone was too lazy to go out already. It was freezing cold! Brrrrr. Some napped, some watched tv, some just sat and chat. Did nothing till it was dinner time.

Barbeque was supper, it made things so much better! So warm!

Strawberry farm the next day. Very obvious, there wasn't any strawberries for my to pluck. I was so disappointed! Because the last time I went, there was so much strawberries! And it was so fun to be plucking them yourselves! Though it may be more expensive! But it's fun! :P

): This is the reason why.

My lovelies!


Went to the market outside the strawberry farm. At Brinchang I think? No idea, but yeah. They have these really huge strawberries! :D Which made up to my disappointment at the strawberry farm! Hahaha. The next stop would be Bala's chalet. It's usually for backpackers, but I make it a must visit every time we go Cameron because their scones are to die for! Pretty expensive I'd say. Two scones and a cup of tea for RM22.50. But worth every penny!

One and only!

This is a reason why Bala's chalet is awesome! I specifically told my mom that it was a must to go to Bala's chalet even if we would have to leave Cameron at 4pm. Because the initial plan was to go to the Boh plantation before the strawberry farm. But there was a pretty heavy traffic along to way, so we turned back.

Even writing this right now makes me think about the scones. Nyammm! That's was pretty much everything. Simple, relaxing and breezy!