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Sunday, November 14, 2010 @ 1:12 PM
No objection.

Lazy Sunday. I've been working out for three days straight. 1 to 1 and a half hour of cardio every single day. And also sauna. I must say my leg does hurt from doing all this. But then again, no pain no gain. Still, I'm afraid if I'll get cardiac arrest or i'll tear my muscle. *Drama* Hahah!

Woke up and felt like shit. Many random thoughts went through my head. And I just kept motivating myself. Telling myself why I'm doing this. Was thinking of going to the gym, but as I got out of bed, I realized that my legs are dead painful. I could hardly walk! Am I over working the gym thing? For once, I feel so determined to do something. And I told myself that I must achieve it no matter what. Even if it takes me a year! Looking on the bright side, the scale is making me happy every morning. I just gotta continue being persistent and of course I've gotta be more and more determined to make this work.

All this while, I've never really told my dad about going to the gym. I know how much he'd disagree about gym because my sister signed up for a two year contract and didn't make use of it. So I planned with my mom to make it work. Pay by cash or some shit like that instead of the credit card. But over the talk after brunch today, I finally told my dad that I'd be signing up for gym. Hahaha, just as I guessed, the first phrase which he said was "HELLO! I'm already paying 100 something for someone's gym!" And then there goes my sister adding some oil to the fire, "Yeah, she's gonna be like me. She won't go!" Lol. It goes on and on and on! But then again, no objection from my dad after I told him the price. He seems fine with it. And now my job is just to utilize it.

I got kinda pissed in the car earlier because I might not have my car in December. Reason? My dad wants to drive the other car, resulting to my sister taking my car and the only car left at home is my dad's love so I cant touch it. Not only I can't go out. Cannot go gym also is it? As if my morning wasn't bad enough.

"The genuine smile that have yet to return."
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