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Monday, November 15, 2010 @ 11:00 PM
My heart and brain doesn't work together.

It's funny how you know when you're doing something which is oh-so-wrong and yet you still do it. I've always held on to a few principles of my own. Seems like I've already broke a few of it. I don't know when will I break all of it. I won't be surprised. (: It's also funny how it's easier to give advice than to take advices. When someone has a problem, i can write an essay of 10 pages of what they can do. But when I need to apply them to myself? Hmmm. That's going to be a problem.

Went gym today despite the fact that people are telling me that I'm over doing it. But oh well, no pain no gain! Bought some groceries for my apparent healthy diet. And also bought my dinner from O'briens. Had only one piece of sandwich at 10am.

Yeah, everyone knows O'briens is oh-so-healthy blablablabla and shits like that. Gave it a try, ate a quarter of the sandwich. Then I googled the calories the sandwich contained. CAME TO MY SURPRISE. MAMACHUTS! 1177.5 calories. I swear I died a little when I saw it. Honestly I felt pretty bad for consuming it! Never again to O'Briens! Even a plate of aglio olio only containts 450-500 calories. Yes I'm sounding like some freak right now, but yeah. Deal with me! ;D

Don't have my car tomorrow, I still want to go to the gym. And I'll find a way to go to the gym anyway. ):