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Monday, November 22, 2010 @ 7:43 PM

This time around I'm not drained from being at the gym. Haven't been to the gym for almost a week now. But will be resuming after the finals. Finals giving me a headache. There seems like there's really so much to read but actually, I can't seem to focus at all. I try to 'study' but I end up chatting, facebooking and whatever you can think of. Oh yeah, tumblr too! Hmmm.

Been spending a lottttt on Starbucks. I go there for 'studies'. Lol. More like just for the stamps!

Ice Caffe mocha, low fat which I can never finish it because at one point it gets bitter and I don't like it but I order it cause it's low in calories. So yeah, most of the time I leave it like the above. ): How I miss caramel frap. ):

Hmmm, there's 7 stamps there. That means 5 more to go. And I certainly do not want to drink the peppermint mocha. Apparently it kinda suck. ): Can cute baristas be really nice to me and help me stamp the peppermint mocha instead? :D Hahaha!


Just for the album. (; 

I honestly cant wait for the finals. Partly cause its the holidays, and also cause I cant wait to be going to the gym. Hopefully I live up to my words and go like 6 days a week and if I can, I'd be more than happy to go for 7 days. These pounds gotta go! ): 

Copywriting tomorrow, hmmm. It's like I have all the knowledge behind my head but I know I'm gonna walk into the hall and go all blank. It ALWAYS happens. ): Wish me luck!