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Thursday, November 18, 2010 @ 4:06 PM
Am I tired?

Without fail, every single day I feel tired. And sometimes I actually wonder if I'm really tired or am I assuming that I'm tired. Confusing ain't it? Yeah, I'm weird like that. Supposingly, Thursday has no class. But this week, we had extra class since the finals are just around the corner. Went anyway, and got briefed about the exam. Trust me, I actually feel scared about it. Apparently, MRM has high failure rate. So yeah I'm hoping to pass. Not with flying colours or any shit like that, but I just want to PASS. For the first time through out my whole course, I have 5 papers to sit for. All 5 subjects I took had finals. Hmmm, kinda hectic!

On the other side, the scale isn't doing me any good. Every time I weigh myself I get a little disappointed. Well yeah, it doesn't happen over night. But oh well, maybe I'm just rushing things. (: Hee. I went to Pyramid alone after class today. Walking aimlessly. No direction of any sort. And I don't even know why I went there in the first place. Maybe I just didn't wanna go home. Pft. Feeling sleepy as I type, but I better complete my studies before I nap or do anything at all. ):

"Sometimes I feel that people don't understand me.
But more often than not, it's me who don't understand myself."