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Friday, September 18, 2009 @ 11:35 PM

I seriously and totally forgotten about the existence of my blog. I went for a short holiday to Cambodia and I must say I enjoyed seeing the ancient buildings, but the weather was a killer! I was pretty busy with everything that was going on. Before leaving to Cambodia, I quickly completed my speech for public speaking and believe me, I even brought my whole script to memorize! I tried to memorize it at the end of every day, but by then I was already too tired to even lift up the paper! And immediately after I came back, I had to rehearse for the speech and the following day was the presentation! And as last minute as we can get, we had to rush our proposal for film studies on Thursday which was later on rejected and I had to re-do and complete everything and send it back to college this morning. Not forgetting my e-forum for Moral education and also my MCS & Sociology which I hardly know anything about it. There's assignments due and I haven't started a single dot yet. Storyboard which requires drawing which I'm not good at and not forgetting 3 minute trailer which we have yet to know what to shoot! Tell me I'm a great student please? (:

Raya's here and I'm not feeling anything. Which is rather normal! No reason to feel anything except the excitement cause there's holiday! But again, what is there to do?

Anyway, here's a teaser from the trip, day 1! (:

More to come if I can find the time and mood to update! (:

Have a great holiday everyone! And selamat hari raya!