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Tuesday, September 1, 2009 @ 7:32 PM

I know I've been neglecting this blog. But I no longer have the mojo to write or express. Because every time I do, I get judged. I am so tired of the things you people say. Fine with saying, but telling? Why did you people create all the unnecessary topics and start blabbering to others? You read, analyze, judge and spread. I thought you people would probably understand the word mature perfectly fine. But I guess you people are a bunch of grown up stuck in a kids body. Still in pre-school? Grow up!

All this brought to a certain extend that it hurts me. Only on that particular topic. I clearly understand that a blog is open to public and anyone or everyone can read. But you didn't had to tell, seriously. Are you bored with your own spoilt life that you had to interrupt and contaminate mine? And to the other topic, it doesn't bother me. Just that it made me laugh so much upon hearing it.

Put that aside and every other days are like routines now. Sleep before 12am, wake up at 6am, get ready and drag myself to college for the 8am class. Classes are hectic, all the presentation and assignment piling up. And I didn't even had time to discover what all these is really about. I admit, I'm still new to all this. I'm finding my way through, hoping not to get distracted on my way. But well, things bound to happen. Need I explain more? I bet most of you've been through what I'm going through now.

And for the 92753478th time, I willHAVE TO START DRIVING SLOWLY. :D