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Monday, August 17, 2009 @ 8:48 PM

Penang was awesome. Though it was just for a day, but I made every second worth thinking about! Why? Because of the great food I indulged myself in and I found the time to meet up with Ej, Xzendra & Wye Sun! Though Wye Sun is constantly at KL, but yet we fail to meet. Hahaha.

As soon as we step our feets in Penang, we started eating till we left Penang! I am sure of this! Hahaha! But we went to check-in in our hotel rooms first, but it wasn't ready yet so we went to somewhere for brunch! :D

Proceeded to a temple after brunch, looking at the time the room is still not ready yet. So yeah.

A very wrong place to cam whore eyh? :D

Ze view, from ze room. 35th floor. :D

Exactly what I need to keep me at ease.

Aunty Swan on farm town.

My dad on farmville, wadafak?!

Something more normal k? Photoshop! :P

Went to Gurney to meet Wye Sun, Xzendra & Ej!

Had dinner at Gurney drive, Mctucky chicken skins! :D

We went to Perangin Mall after gurney drive just to get dvd's. Cheap :D Can't wait to indulge myself in them. And, proceeded to Wye Sun's sister's place to visit baby Shannon!

Understand? :P In the condo's lift.

Ain't this picture cute? Look at Shannon! :P

Supper at Mccalister road. Slurps!

Ze grill fish is to die for k? :D I'll be back! Hahaa!

I love this man okay? He looks so cute in this picture! :P

That wraps up my trip to Penang! Oh not forgetting, my mood was a totally wrecked so I end up spending a couple of hundreds shopping. :D I feel guilty, YET happy. Makes sense? No? (: