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Friday, July 31, 2009 @ 10:54 PM

Obviously, holidays isn't doing me any good! I wake up at 11-12pm everyday and ask myself what do I want for lunch. That's all I can think about, FOOD. Well it ends today k? TODAY! :D I promise myself to behave and act like a girl and most importantly EAT LIKE A GIRL. I've gotta start losing those extra pounds after seeing how much I've put on. I think when the boyf comes back, he'll be so surprised to see how balloon-ish I've turned into. Rawr. Not like I wasn't balloon-ish enough! Okay, no more eating! Craving for food ends today! Gym tomorrow morning! STOP FEEDING ME!

I'll mark my words k? :D I'll do what I say and live up to it! Cheh, so motivated! Anyway, have been wanting to get things done at college since the week started but never had the initiative to do so! Finally got it done today, went to college about 3-ish and got things done by 3.4o. Proceeded to Ou to catch a movie. Ghosts of girlfriends past. Pretty nice I'd say. :D Got me laughing pretty much. I can't wait to watch the Proposal too! I know, I know. All these chick flicks. Hahah, what can I say? :P It's love.