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Thursday, July 30, 2009 @ 2:39 AM

I am irritated by how my eyes are making me irritated and how it irritates me and how irritating it is. :D Okay, doesn't make much sense but I am sure you get the picture of how irritating my eyes are right now. I don't know what's wrong, but it feels itchy and irritating! Rawr.

Been having a lot of cravings for food lately! Non stop craving for food. Thinking of food and just wanting to eat no matter how full I am. Sounds so much like a pig right? I've gotta stop this behaviour k! If not, at the end of the day I'll look even more ridiculous than ...... the fattest girl you can think of. (I wanted to put a picture, but i felt mean!)

I hope this weighing scale existed :D

Thinking of which subjects to take is actually getting on my nerves. Yes, its not that hard to decide which 5 subjects I want to take. BUT, classes are clashing and in between there'd be a long break! What am I to do? Not like I stay opposite the college right!

Not forgetting that I've been wanting to get a trim but can never decide if I really want bangs. What if i look worse than horrendous?! What if I look really bad?! What if I look fatter than usual!? Hahaha, I am so dramatic! :P Well, let me gather my guts and see how thing goes. :D