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Tuesday, June 2, 2009 @ 1:13 AM


You know what's bugging me in the middle of the night? To come to realize that someone has been copying me since God knows when. Oh wait, or should I be proud that there's actually people who appreciates what I write or do? I hate to be copied! People who copy are a bunch of people who's lack of creativity and probably should take up some classes to gain them! I might sound harsh, but I am just angry!

Look at what the person wrote? That's obviously taken by me.

She shouted Danell! and the photo was taken? Lick my cock if I had one. Another obvious picture taken by me. KNNCCB.

If you're a faithful reader of my blog, you'd know what she "wrote" about herself is obviously written by me. What the fuck?

Its not the matter of taking Daniel's picture or whatever. Its just that if something is not yours then don't simply claim that its yours. You can compliment a photograph and say you like it or whatever but don't simply proclaim something and think that people won't find out. And I'd most likely understand if you were young and immature. But you're 21. DAYMN.

Previously when friendster was the in thing, I always put a quote for each and every picture. Be it related to the pic or not. And guess where I found it? In her pictures descriptions. Please, is that all she can do? Copy and claim its hers.

I am too lazy to find any more of my "creation" in her blog or whatever. But please if you're ever reading this and think that those things you "wrote" or those pictures you "took" is really yours, then leave a comment alright? KNNCCB. I think she just gotta start being creative!

I hope we meet. (:

Cowards who make their blog private because she is obviously ASHAMED that she is not original. Ordinary girl leading an extraordinary life? Yeah I am sure of that, living a lie that is. Freaking liar.