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Monday, June 15, 2009 @ 3:44 AM

You know how people are so not thankful for the things they have? How people would always be greedy and just wan't more? Gah! I am feeling exactly like that now! I know I've said several times about putting designer labels away! So recently I've changed my MSN screen name to Vuitton, R. Something that I learned in referencing class. Today as I was getting ready to go out, I realised that I don't have a bag that could fit my kick ass camera and at the same time make me look stunning! Stunning in a way that it will make me look better than carrying my camera in a paper/plastic bag. WHICH is totally not global friendly! :P

So my screen name "VUITTON" gave me an urge to visit their website. Once again, I've lost to myself. There was this little voice that was whispering at my ears "You need it, you really want it." it says. And so, Palermo caught my attention. It looked at me and shouted "TAKE ME HOME!" I couldn't help it but to tell myself that I've gotta work hard for it. Yes I will.

Well the greedy me not only want the bag, thought to myself that I should be in search for another handphone. Looking at the fact that iPhone's running on edge -_-" I am still waiting for my dealer to get it done! And N95 have been with me about two years now. Pft. So yeah, I saw N97 and I was blown away by it! Looks like some sidekick perhaps, but I've always fancied high end phones. So I like it! And I want it! Although I'd prefer the new iPhone 3g S. But what's the point of have another same phone?

Well obviously this is not all, but I can't take these cravings anymore! Too much to handle! Well as all these cravings and wantings pile up, I've just gotta work hard for it. (;