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Friday, June 5, 2009 @ 4:12 PM

Well due to popular demand, I am blogging about a back dated event. Popular demand la konon, only by one person. LOW JIAYI this is for you. LOL. pss/sorry for the bad quality pictures.

Upon reaching I only knew it was a mini showcase. I thought it was the typical promo tour. But I guess I was wrong. But anyhow, when I went into the auditorium, there sat a group of instruments. And what came to my mind was a live band. I was pretty excited! But what I was afraid of was the lightings! I was hoping that my pictures would turn out at least HALF as good as daniel's showcase or khalil's promo tour! But I guess I was wrong, it's worse! So disappointed! That's why I didn't bother to blog about it!

I'm not really good with camera settings and stuff. I can remember so much today and forget everything the following week. And the best was just flash with a near distance. Far distance causes red eyes, without flash causes the pictures to be red. Pft!

He shed some tears. Awww! Sometimes I feel that any career that is, will never be easy to walk. Its all effort, hardwork and pressure. Not only about being a public figure. Even normal jobs. ); Sigh.

Hahahah! Just for laughs! ;P

I look ugly in the picture. Its not my side! And I look like a freaking stuffed meat ball!

The showcase was good. It was a small venue but fun. He has a girlfriend though. Her name is, Career Shi Yeh. HAHA! Get it? Well that's what he said ok :P

Enjoy it Jiayi! :P