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Thursday, June 18, 2009 @ 1:01 PM

Look at me and tell me that I am special even when I know I'm not. Do you seriously think I am happy? Well I must admit, within this week or so I've finally thought that I am standing up once again. I am more confident this time around to say that I've let go of the past. My rubbish collector took it to the recycle centre. The process was short, its all repeating itself. Recycling doesn't take that long after all eh? (:

Yes so I was saying, I thought I was finally standing tall again. But I guess it was just another false alarm. No doubt yes I've been happy for the past few days, finally. But things happen when you least expect it to. I thought I didn't have to shed any more tears, but I guess I was wrong.

Put that aside. Well, despite all these going on, life has to go on. No? Hahah, college is not hectic. I have a very flexible time table this semester. But its the pressure that you get. Lecture has been good. Filled with laughter and such. Been doing exercises verbally and its pretty interesting. Yes, first few classes you feel shy to talk, to voice out. But eventually you'll get used to your classmates and you'll be able to speak up in front of them. I am half way there. In short, I am pretty much enjoying class. (:

I had lecture as early as 9 today. Didn't had sufficient sleep last night due to something that came up, so I wasn't at my best in class. I have no idea what nonsense I'm writing because basically my eyes are only half open and my brains are not fully functioning, so till then, good night.