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Tuesday, June 23, 2009 @ 11:16 PM

First ever assignment and its already dragging me to hell. How am I to face the others that's coming my way? Oh well, I'll just chill and do every task given. (: Spent some time doing my assignments and it was surprisingly fun and it made me realised that there's alot that I've done in the past which made me who I am today. :D

Like any other ordinary day, we drive to college using NKVE. A middle age man who was a passenger on a Civic started waving to us. They even drove at our pace so they could look. Not that I know anyone who drives a Civic. What more a middle age man? Should I be afraid? :S

Last Saturday, I attended one of my friends wedding. It was short and simple but it felt good. Marriage is one of the best gifts from God I would say. (: It marks the beginning of your life. (:

Look at the name of the dishes. Pretty weird I'd say.

Congrats Munirah & Adam. (:

It was a lunch ceremony, so by the time everything ended, I dropped by at Hana's place and we baked durian cake! Haha weird, yes. But it was fun and pretty easy I'd say. But the durian opening was torture okay? Got poked several times can!? ):

Heart shaped durian! So cutsie! ;D

I like the texture. So pretty! (:

Pss, why has Transformers taken over everyone's facebook status? Well, I can't wait to watch it! :D In two more weeks if nothing goes wrong. Yeay! (: