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Thursday, June 25, 2009 @ 11:36 PM

Apparently, Thursday is the end of the week. Why? Its the last day of class! Though I've always disliked class on Thursdays. The fact that I have to wake up as early as 7am to get ready for my 9am class! Yes I take that long to get ready, stop judging! But well today is somehow different. Class was fun and surprisingly entertaining! We had brainstorming, guys were require to write about what girlfriend's should do and girls were require to write about what boyfriend's should do.

Well, brainstorming turned into a debate after we've concluded which is the best five from the guys and the girls. I personally think that the girls points were way better, not being bias. But yes, I really think that it was good compared to what the guys had to offer. But in the end the guys won. Why? Because girls were being aggressive pint pointing down every single word coming out from the guys mouth. So yeah.

We had free writing before that, and its always fun to see the expression of my lecturer every time we point out something weird or funny or something unrelated. And whatever comes in to mind within that short period of time was total bullshit.

Received our portfolio papers that we did on Tues. I didn't had much expectations out of it, but was surprised that it was better than expected. To look back at the paper, I thought I could have done so much better. Oh well, what done is done. I'm satisfied. (:

Some random pictures taken at lecture on Wednesday. We were early, and had no where to go nor had anything to do.

BAHHH my face is so round! I hate my student ID. (:

And have I mentioned that my assignment is literally driving me up the wall? I guess if I tell you the topic, you'd say its a piece of cake. I am required to write about myself and the past. Yes, biography. Though it may sound easy but when I start cracking and as I walk down memory lane, I asked myself "What is it that's really worth writing about?" Not only that, but we've gotta include our critical thinking theories and also to cite people in it and then proceed with referencing. That's probably the challenge in this assignment. All this assignment craze has caused me to be problematic. Haha, yes I'll pick every small matter and make a fuss out of it. I irritate people! :P

ps/ I've finally found something that I'm good at. Does camwhoring count? I can camwhore from Subang to college k. Pity Farhana, she has to deal with me in the car. :D