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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 @ 12:56 AM

You know what's the funny thing? Hahaha. I am finding for my missing pencil box since November 27th! For God know's where it went missing right after SPM. Hahha, I am serious! Ever since the last day of SPM I've misplaced my pencil box and its no where to be seen. I totally have no idea where did I place it! I've searched my whole room! I've searched the store room and every obvious spot that I can think of. But I still can't seem to find it. Hahaha, all my pens, pencils, rulers, liquid and stuff are in there. Hahaha, and heck I am only searching for it because college is starting soon! :P I am always in the last minute side. Pft.

I have been listening to Wilber Pan's new album which has yet to be released. I personally think its pretty good! Hahaha. There's this song of his, Be with you featuring Akon. Which is quite cool I reckon. Hahah.

I am thus far keeping my whole May schedule full because its my only time left to enjoy before college starts. Hee. :D For the entire month I am occupied with driving classes, friend's birthdays and holidays. :D And half of me is actually anticipating for college to start ;P

Anyhoow, was randomly talking to Mei Fenn and Ivan one of the nights. Heck I laughed alone looking at the computer screen. Hahaha, what we talked about was really hilarious. Every thing that we can think of! The dirty and not so dirty. Haha. And also the matureness of me and such. Hahaha. Look forward to meeting them again soon! :D

Hee! I met them today! Couldn't stop laughing the moment I stepped into the car! Hahaha! We basically did continue from our chat the other night. Hahah. Thinking about it already making me giggle! :P

Hee, just for laughs! :D