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Saturday, May 30, 2009 @ 12:44 PM

I have been constantly keeping myself busy since the day I came back from holidays. I finally signed up for college and will be starting on the 8th. Feeling a little excited and at the same time there's a slight fear in me. Don't know what to expect from it. Hee. Hopefully I will adapt to the environment as quickly as I can and probably be nice ;D Haha!

Anyhoow, there's some pictures from the trip for the first day. I met up with Theng at Puchong in the morning before proceeding to the airport. Yeay, I get to sit her car again! Hahaha!

Our journey begins. (:

Upon reaching airport for check in.

Air Asia making dreams happen! Hahahah! :P One hour flight and here I am, safe in Langkawi :D

Candid! :P

While waiting for Theng to check in to the hotel. And let's not forget to mention that the hotel is better than expected! Initially when we went through hotels to see which is the best and yet most affordable, this one the first choice and it actually looked old and a little run down. Well, from pictures at least. Upon reaching the lobby, I felt that it was just okay~ But when we actually go to the rooms, its big, clean and CHEAP :D Hahah, at least I felt comfortable stepping in to the room! Heehe! The place is very convenient too, once you step out of the lobby left and right is all shops, clothings, food and such. :D

Went to the beach after we settled down in the hotel. I somehow didn't feel like touching the sea water. I don't know why, but yeah I stayed dry.

Hmm, i can jump pretty high eyh?


This is almost poster-like. I like this ;P

What should I be doing when I am on land with a sun tanning Theng while others are in the water? Hahahah!

We had a great time being unqualified models and photographers! It was pretty fun I must say. Now, don't judge me alright? ;P

My model, my photographer. Theng and Teng! ;D

Hahaha, she said she has never been burried in sand before. And this is what happens ;D

We stayed till sunset, that's probably 3 hours at the beach!

Proceeded to the pool for a bit. Went back to the room and got ready for dinner. :D

Slaughter-ish dinner if you get what I mean ;D

Walked around after dinner, from one end to another. About 2 hour laters we went for supper. That place serves good grilled fish & prawns! Slurps. And I met Trish there. Of all places, Langkawi! Hahah! What a small world eyh!

It was nice to drink at first. Especially the blueberry one. We probably sat at the place for an hour or so.

So back to the hotel, this is what you get :D I think that t-shirt suits perfectly.

Played some sort of games. I don't know if it bad luck or coincidence. 3 always comes with 2. And when you say its impossible to be a 2 next and its a 2 which appears. Hmmm. ;P

And I was already down by then, look on the bed.

That marks our day 1. What's in day 2? Stay tuned ;D