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Sunday, May 17, 2009 @ 10:07 PM

Edison's scandal probably was really a hit back then when it happened. But it will slowly fade away. How long can you be talking about it? Well, Show Luo is the current victim now. He was said to have done cyber sex with an online friend. He also did mention that he just sincerely wanted to make friends with her, they met through facebook and was talking on msn ever since then. He also mentioned that he did have a slight crush towards her but then avoided her after he felt something suspicious about her behavior.

The girl was keen into knowing he really was and Show told her that he was Show Luo. But the girl didn't believe and demanded him to prove it to her. Show told her that he was exercising but the girl didn't mind because he was a guy. Little did he know, she print screened everything and sent it to tabloids! Including their 16 page chat history and text messages.

How can a picture like this proved that they had cyber sex?! -_-" Show also did mentioned that the picture of the girl is not the girl that he has been talking to. Ish ish.

A video of Show in 100% entertainment, apologizing to his mom, fans and company. Also did mention of what really happened. (: What's slightly funny about the video was, he didn't know that computer's can do print screen and msn's do save chat history! Hahah! (That's if what he said was what I understood. HAHA!)

All the way for Show! (: