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Saturday, May 9, 2009 @ 3:27 AM

Basically I totally have nothing to do everyday. Yesterday night I went to do some grocery shopping and got myself into the mood of making strawberry/banana split! Yesterday afternoon was too busy helping Ivlyn to do some stuff for her bar that I didnt had time for grocery shopping, so I only managed to go at night and didn't manage to go out with PANA.

Came home from gocery shopping was pretty late, no mood for ice cream. So I thought fine, I'd do it in the afternoon. A little last minute notice from Mei Fenn and headed to Pyramid to accompany her. Well, no strawberry split. Came home from pyramid was too tired and I dozed off. Woke up and my dad rushed me out for dinner.

My iPhone problem is obviously not solved yet. One of my friend helped me with it, it did move from the previous problem. But anothe problem just pops up one after another. Why is Apple SOO complicated? And no, I am not going for a blackberry! :P

Me and my itchy hand! See what I got myself into now. An iPhone which doesn't function as a phone! Merely as an iTouch! Well, lets think that tomorrow would be a better day. Shopping anyone ?:D

A few more from the collection :

Very ugly feet position.

Slightly off focus.

I pretty much likey likey this too.

I need to save my iPhone!

pss/ TWO person told me that I don't know how does a mac function. SORRY LAH I AM NOT A VIVID USER. -__-"