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Wednesday, April 1, 2009 @ 2:15 AM

Was watching Confessions Of A Shopaholic earlier in the afternoon. I must say the movie didn't really impress me. I expected MORE. More shopping and less drama! What more had to ruin the movie was the uncivilized citizens of MALAYsians. The girl next to me couldn't stop shaking her legs. It actually triggered at least HALF the row. I was this near to telling her off. But I kept my cool not wanting to make a scene! And some one around had a body odour! And those girls in front gasp* really loudly when they saw a pair of Prada. Hello? Never been to a movie before? Or perhaps, never seen a pair of heels before?

I've gotta watch this movie! Talentime by Yasmin Ahmad. I mean all Yasmin Ahmad's project is a must watch! Sepet! Gubra! And all the ones that you can name. I can really see that she does fancy Howard. (Kahoe in the movie and also Kahoe is his real name) I've thus far read two post regarding Howard! (The guy holding the er-hu in the movie poster) I mean, by just reading it I feel like........ Well I am 17. Okay fine 18 this year. He's merely 17! Yet he's like a model, a TV personality, he does TVC, he's now in the big screen of a cinema and most likely will be in another project of Yasmin Ahmad's! I mean, where have I been! What have I been doing?

Since I've been developing the interest in acting, let me be apart of the the Yasmin Ahmad project. Let me act! Let me develop more! Let me show at least some talent that I THINK I have. You know, all in all. Do you know what I blame on? The lack of confidence in me. If building confidence was as easy as building a sand castle, I'd do it. But its really not!

Yes, I admit. I don't have a dream. I don't know what I wanna be in the future. A film director? A journalist? A script writer? A copy writer? A newscaster? A production Manager? What direction will I be heading to? Broadcasting? Journalism? Advertising? Production? I exactly have no clue about what will I be able to do and what will I get to do! I guess this is what a failure sounds like and what a failure is like.

After much consideration and also going through much headache here and there. Had a hard time deciding which college to go to. Finally I've chosen. Well, no black and whites though. Haven't even signed up. Just that at the moment, its the decision. But who knows what happens tomorrow. But then again, I somehow feel that I am unprepared for college. I don't know what people do I meet there. I don't know what to expect from the new environment. I don't know how to adapt the new environment. I am fretting, I know! But well, its a new thing. So yes, I AM SCARED. Of all things to be scared about! Tell me about it!

Its 1st of April. Well we used to "celebrate" April Fool's Day in high school. You go around the school making prank on people. But I must say, as we grow older April Fool's Day hardly have any impact! I didn't even know it was 1st of April already! Until Zyna messaged me and wanted to fool me. Hahah, smarty pants me realized before she could! Hahah! ;D

Confidence is the staircase to success.