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Thursday, April 9, 2009 @ 1:46 AM

Priceless Expression

Few nights ago I was watching Khalil Fong's Wonderland Concert 2008 on DVD. At some point it was pretty boring, only because I wasn't there live. At some point, its where you would want to jump up from your chair and sing along with him ! I mean how can someone be so fabulously perfect? Didn't run from any single tune, no pitching problem, no wrong notes on the guitar nor the piano and didn't forget his lyrics! Can someone be so perfect?! Not only that he's perfect, has has 4 freaking albums and all are written by HIMSELF. I don't know if he produced them himself, but at least he wrote it ALL himself.

Enjoyed their performance the most! Khalil Fong & Andy Chou. Though I have exactly no clue about this Andy person, but their performance entertained me the most. You would hardly see that sight of Khalil Fong. Jumping and dancing around. One in a million! :D

Khalil's having his concert about end of the year, not in Malaysia though. How I wish he would come here. :D I'd die to go and sit down and let him mesmerize me with his stunning vocals!

Billie Jean

I'd go for the most expensive ticket, probably in the first row and then drool all over the floor looking at how cute he is. But the most annoying thing during his Wonderland 2008 concert was his pimple on his left side of his face. So irritating that I'd go on stage and squeeze it for him. HAHAHA!