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Friday, April 24, 2009 @ 4:42 PM

I had some errands to run. Completed everything around KL, dropped by at Sungei Wang first. Got it done and finally left some time to do some shopping in Pavilion. Its been ages since I went to Pavilion. Though there's not much changes. Though they've added a few more high end brands. Scrolling through the high end area, all I could do was drool my way through. Prada, Burberry, Gucci and such. It was to die for. I currently am craving for a Prada, which also means I've gotta work hard to earn it. (: Well, okay we'll put this aside for the time being. (:

The very missed toilet. HAHA!

And the very missed Thye Hong fried prawn noodles! :D Went home pretty early that day.

But wast then again dragged out by them to OU. :D Watched he's just not that into you. I bet it was a bore for him. Hahah!

After the movie, we had dinner at Chili's. Thats the part where I did the wrongest thing! By ordering a honey thingy majeeky!

I like this picture can? :D

Came to my surprise I saw Elvis there! Hahaha. I saw him from far and it made my heart skips a beat and I didn't even dare to look! Hahaha. I thought I heard him say "hey." or perhaps he didn't at all. (: Anyhooow, this is pretty much my-oh-so-busy-day. Hahah! I know this post is a little pointless.

People can live without love from a guy, but not a life without a career. Put everything aside, I'll do more for a better career. (: