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Sunday, April 19, 2009 @ 3:13 PM

I had sleepless nights for a few days! Due to some things that had to be done very early in the morning! I sleep superbly late and wake up superbly early! After I got everything done, I finally had some time to actually have some good sleep.

Was suppose to have dinner with Zyna and the bunch. But Zyna had to get some things done before she leaves, so we headed over to her house to wait for her. I saw her golden retriever! :D

Whisky is his name. Her poodle is Mocha while Theng's chihuahua is Baileys. Why do all their dogs revolve around drinks? Haha!

Was watching Zyna's wedding dinner's DVD and came across some moments which wasn't supposed to be caught on tape! Hahaha! Loved the way they film the whole process. Well more like the starting of the whole dinner. The way they actually zoomed in towards the name of the restaurant and the couple's name. And also the way they actually tooke the video of the lightings and flowers etc. But not when all the havoc starts! Hahaha!

Zyna came downstairs with longer hair than usual. It could only be one reason! Hair extensions! Hahaha! We played around for a little with it and too bad it shows no difference when its on my hair!

But you can see the difference in his! Hahah, VCD/DVD peddler! HAHA! I still remember how we used to "doll" him up in Zyna's store last time. Hahahaha! Why is he always the victim? :P

Dinner at some place in Cheras. I could hardly recall where I really was! Haha!

Theng's manicure done in Shenzhen. Heard its pretty cheap there. I think it will cost about 200-300 in KL? Or perhaps more? I have no idea. She said her pedicure is even nicer but she was wearing boots that night! So I didn't see it. Feel the jealousy in me will you? Haha.

It was my first time to Theng's bar after she opened it for quite some time. Its almost 4 months now. A bigger place compared to her first bar and a less commercialized place compared to her previous club. Feel free to drop by at her place, Blue @ Pridez in Cheras, behind Leisure Mall.

Look at his expression! HAHAH!

Rudy, a friend from Jakarta keeps getting disturbed by the "boys" at Pridez. Hahah and he is as shy as hell when it comes to them!



Its been so long since the last time I hanged out with Zyna, Xzendra & Ej. We definitely had some crazy moments in the car, especially everytime we go through a bump, because there's 6 of us in a car and the bumps are high. Hence we have to "lift" up our butts! Oh oh! Not forgetting about cucumbers, lotus roots, sea cucumbers, bitter gourds, brinjals, corns which turns into pop corns and such! Lol, our dirty little secret.

Welcome to Pridez. (: Up to your wild imaginations alright? Haha!