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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 @ 1:27 AM

A girl can dream and a girl can really dream! And a girl's expectation will never end, a girl's desire will never end. Every girl would probably want a designer bag, from Louis Vuitton, to Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Burberry and every designer brand you can think of right now. And I am sorry that I own the cheapest LV in the whole collection k? Well, ever heard of start from the scratch? And though I am not moving since I've gotten that scratch, but well. Just bare with my cheapest LV k? :(

My current desireS. Hahaha!

Nokia E-71. Having it makes me feel professional and most of all look professional even if I am not! :P Though I keep telling myself that both my phones are in good condition, but I secretly want it!

Michael Kors black diamond. :D And so I was at Gardens earlier in the afternoon. I was browsing through watches at the counter. Went through all their collection for a few rounds but never see a sight of the Michael Kors collection. Because I was paying attention to the D&G and DKNY collections! I saw a bunch of chrono watches next to the DKNY's, I zoomed in and it was the Michael Kors that I wanted! I instantly asked the sales girl to let me try it on. And there was only one word to describe it. Fantabulouslymarvelouslysplendid!

Wanting and getting is two different things. Well I think what I need more would be a watch compared to a new phone.

And my my all time desire. (:

Toyota Alphard. One day k? You'll see me driving this car as a driver as a proud owner! HAHA. I know this is a very family car type. But I somehow like big cars.

I'll do good with a Toyota Harrier also! :P HAHAH! Okay lah, going too far leads to no where, I know i know. :D Gotta snap out from day dreaming!

Haven't been feeling very happy lately. I mean, I don't know what's wrong with me. But this is getting on me. ); I need a little laughter. I feel like a vacation. But money doesn't grow on trees. Feeling a little stress when there's actually nothing to be stressed out over. I'm not in college, I'm not working, I'm just bumming at home! So what is there to stress about? Sigh, I've lost my directions. ):

At this point, my posting is getting a little pointless. Sorry, please excuse me.