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Sunday, April 5, 2009 @ 2:32 AM

For the past few days I've been cleaning up my room. Its very not me! Knowing that I cleaned my room without being asked to do so. I looked at my messy table and my messy shelves. I couldn't stand the sight of it. The amount of albums in the shelves and those rubbish on my table. I don't even have place to put my laptop or do my work. My tables very small, because my room is very small. So that's why there's not much place for anything and everything. :P

So yes, I cleaned my shelves. Omg, I can't believe the amount of cd's I have! o.O Which also means, I can't believe I'd spend on those!

Holy cow! That's a lot! Its all in boxes now. I only packed because I want to get a new shelf. I have to first get rid of the old one before I get a new one. Which also reminded me that I actually threw FIVE freaking big paper bags of things. Posters, banners, blablabla. Everything. And when I saw the rubbish man collect it, he actually went through it! Yucks!

I also came across my tags for concerts and etc.

And also my pin-board.

Now that I've packed, my table looks like its so much more organized than before. I have more space now! I'm liking it. Will like it even more when I get to get rid of the shelves! :D Weee~ Now all the albums are in a big box. Maybe I should keep it in the store room or perhaps under my bed and let it collect dust.

Anyhoow, I now have the habit of blogging in advance. I save drafts and then adjust the posting time. In fact, this very post itself is done earlier. Well, maybe because when inspiration comes. I just blog. But then want to publish it at a later date. I don't know whats the cost of this. But I guess there's no specific reason huh? Hahah. ;P

Tomorrow's the day that we have our annual cheng beng. To some who doesn't know what it means, let's just put it this way. Chinese Prayers? (: I am feeling excited, I feel like I have a lot to say to my grandpa. (: We'll see then ;P

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