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Sunday, April 26, 2009 @ 4:43 AM

Few days ago was reading through a blog and came across Craig's Insomnia. Didn't read much but I just youtube-ed it to listen. I've seriously never heard of it before. Talk about outdated! Hahah! Okay not the point. So this afternoon out of no where, during brunch. June started singing "Feels like insomnia~" I was caught by surprised. Asked her how come she's singing the song. And that's when she told me this Korean artiste, Wheesung covered the song.

So i youtube-ed it and went back to the blog. And the blog owner did write about Wheesung's version but I clearly wasn't paying attention! I am more hooked on Wheesung's version though. His moves caught my attention.


Okay forget about google because I can't seem to find a decent picture of Wheesung. He seems good looking on stage, but when it comes to pictures. Hmmmm. He somehow looks different.

Check his moves! Nothing to shout about, but somehow I am just so hooked into listening to his version and watching how he dances his way through out the video! Though I don't understand what he sings either than "feels like insomnia~" Hahaha.

I'm liking the song more! :D

Anyhooow, I am anticipating for a more exciting Sunday! Please surprise me with fun! Because Saturday was boring and dull! I spent my Saturday doing research about air fairs! But it all ended up with disappointment! Taiwan is superbly cheap with Airasia X. I WANT TO GO TAIWAN. So okay, I can only fly in July. So i put that a side as college is starting and I don't know my schedule.

So i search search search and, Airasia X to Perth is quite cheap as well. I can fly by May! And I thought it would be a good time to enjoy before college stars! But no one seems to be keen on going. FINE, another turn off. So I put that a side and just pray that I have flexible schedule so I can fly to Taiwan.

At the moment my Club Med trip doesn't seem to be moving anywhere near destination or bookings. So, I guess worse come to worse I'll TRY to go Langkawi in May. Low fairs with Airasia. pss/ I sound like I am advertising for Airasia -_-"

If anyone would like to sponsor me a trip to anywhere nice, please feel free to contact me at bringrachtengforatrip@freetrip.com. Hahaha, well no. I am just bullshitting because I am desperately in need of a vacation! :D