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Monday, March 23, 2009 @ 1:37 AM

"If you don't keep moving at the difficult times, your self-doubt grows a hundred times bigger."

I find it true. At the difficult times, its when the problem pulls down your confidence. You have no confidence to do anything at all because at that very moment, everything is negative! There's not one spot for you think of the positives!

I somehow am not the usual me anymore. I don't have to be online 24-7, but I must go online at least once a day. I used to be in front of the computer like forever! Its funny how I am not like that anymore.

I used to write quotes and some rubbish type of lyrics. But now, I have no more about what more to write about. Pft. I still remembered back in xanga, I often end every posting with a quote at the end. But now, its different, I cant think of anything to write no more :(

*5 minutes*

I actually have a lot of problems in hand. Deciding on which college to go to is not easy. This place not good, that place not good. This place too far, that place too expensive. Where do you expect me to go?

I need to go see a doctor. No, not a psychologist though. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not crazy yet.

I've gotta build some confidence, increase my low self-esteem, gain some balls to do something extraordinary, lose those extra pounds, make myself a better person and not forgetting perhaps a well deserving vacation! Please, someone bring me somewhere where I can see the stars, smell the sea breeze and enjoy the sunrise.

I am just thinking too much, I really can't help it. I think I know what's my problem but I think I don't. Sigh. I guess I pretty much know whats wrong, I just hope I get to overcome it. Pft.