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Thursday, March 12, 2009 @ 4:32 PM
I got nothing in my head.

I don't usually have a title for each and every of my post. This is my first title. Well today is the day which all the form 5, year 08 has been waiting for. The day that results are announced and of course I only started to fret, 5 minutes before reaching school.

Automatically woke up at 7.45 am today. Mind you, I usually wake up at 2pm! Upon waking up, there sat a message waiting to be read! (: Good enough to make my morning. ;P

Headed off to Fana's place and she actually insisted to go at 9.30am! I swear that for the past two days she was already freaking out and couldn't stop complaining about how bad her results would be. While me, got freaked out by her! I remember me not doing so well for English because I wrote a bunch of nonsense for my essay! Talking about my "perfect husband." So as I was saying, she was getting on my very last nerve! I couldn't stop replying the same ol' thing to her, which only says "RILEK!"

The situation was not overwhelming as some of the students start getting their results and they started shouting. Be it in joy or pain. While for me, while they were getting their slips, I already saw mine. Obviously its full with beautiful colours! :D I am overwhelmed because all my hard work ie; extra tuition's and late night oil burning was NOT worth it. :P HAHAHA, I am sure by now you get to picture how does my slip looks like. Well, if you dont then you can start banging your head against the wall. :D

I remembered how hard I actually tried my best for SPM. I constantly had my friends over for group study, not forgetting driving Pn.Fong up the wall. I miss the times where she goes with her husky voice and says "Haiiiiiyah, gurllllll. Wrong laaaaaaaa." But she educated me well, I did better than ever! But I guess, tomorrow I'd be thinking about college and nothing near the results I got for SPM. After all, I already forgotten what I got for PMR. ;D

Its celebrations tonight. Every burden I used to carry before and after SPM is off my shoulders now. :D

Today is misery, tonight is luxury, tomorrow is HISTORY. (: