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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 @ 2:30 AM

Anyway, we had dinner at Fridays yesterday (Sunday). It was June's treat. I hesitated to order the JD steak, well looking at the price it was rather expensive. So I opt for another NY steak instead. No regrets for it, but I still think that Tony Roma's better. Before dinner, my sisters and I headed to Big Apple to redeem our free donuts. There was four of us including my sisters boyfriend. So to make things easier, we presented FOUR coupons at a go and they 'rejected.' They said, we should all individually present the coupon. I think that's rather retarded, what freaking difference does it make? Anyway, we only had dinner at Fridays because June had a RM100 voucher, so yeah. Those big apple coupons came from June too. Haha.

So after dinner while they walk around, I went to Rock Corner just to look around. Came to my surprise I came across a lot of good music there. Every time I go to Parade's Rock Corner, they must be playing some damn good music. The last time I was there I discovered bossa nova! This time around I came across this duo named "M.Y.M.P" which also stands for "Make Your Momma Proud" with their new album "Absolute Acoustic." I heard a few tracks while I was there, not bad I told myself. I came home googleing for them and found a few sites which has their albums, in fact those sites also have a lot of bossa nova and jazz albums! Luther Vandross, Olivia Ong and other compilation albums for bossa nova and jazz. I probably will spend a few days exploring the site to listen to the music. ;D

Anyhooow, D200 no longer exist now. I didn't even had a chance to say bye! Its Nikon D90 for now. Live view is somehow interesting, but it makes the whole camera less professional! Haha, just my point of view. Anyway, there's new things to learn then. But I wasn't really happy nor excited when I saw this coming. In fact I felt, worried.

I am worried for my education. Education is definitely not cheap. Every intake, they probably mark up at least 2k from the previous price. Do they teach us with gold? Why is education so expensive?!

Like I've mentioned before, I haven't found any suitable college to enroll for. I have yet to enroll for my driving course. I can't survey on colleges because I can't drive and everyone is working. So I really can't decide. And all this has become a burden to me and its stressing me out. :(

Anyway, I spent the whole day watching "Love is Not Blind." I know I am always the out dated one, I have the habit of watching all at a go instead of waiting for one episode every week. So that explains why I am always a tad bit later than the usuals ;D Call me extraordinary! Haha!

Okay, I find this posting rather messy. I better stop before it continues any further.

No, I am not turning into a fashion blogger! I just don't like postings with pure writing and no sight of pictures. Because pictures = colour. Colour = happiness. Doesn't make sense, I know ;D Well, please forgive a worried girl.

ps:/ I swear I miss you like no one ever did. (: * if only you're reading this :(