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Sunday, February 22, 2009 @ 4:00 AM

Today was a rather exciting day for me. Was at Sg Wang earlier to catch Daniel hosting for a Thai artiste, by the name of Tor+. Yes, the plus sign is meant to be there. He started playing piano when he was THREE freaking years old! He plays it so freaking well! He is just so great in it. A very bubbly and shy boy.

On the other hand, Khalil Fong is having his promo tour in Malaysia! :D "Extended" my stay in Sg Wang and anticipated for a good show from Khalil. Before the show started, I was suppose to meet him. But looking at the fact that there was no backstage, I thought "okay, I don't think I'll be meeting him after all."

Little did I know, I still had the chance to meet him! He has already arrived at the venue but he was sitting in the car. Well, yes I met him personally! Boyyy, my heart was beating fast. He came out from the car and there stood the gentleman that I've been dieing to meet! In front of my eyes. I wish time would stop right there. *slaps*

My sister's colleague told me "its okay, don't freak out!" Hahaha! We talked a little. Only because he was rather shy, quite and perhaps cool. I was lucky enough that I didn't step on his shoes, nor did i trip over any wires or dividers.

The show started with an anonymous host. I had no idea who she was. I don't know if she introduced herself, because I wasn't paying much attention! Well not until Khalil came out! :p Khalil sang three songs in total, two acoustic songs ;D He is awesome! I mean he is realllllly good! He plays real good guitar too. :D

These three pictures are my personal fav in my collection. Well my view wasn't that good as there were some fanatics in front who couldn't stop waving to Khalil. :D Some of my friends was rather surprised that I actually like Khalil! Hahah! Anyway more pictures in my facebook! ;D

I've seen two musicians today. Now I am curious, how come musicians happen to be the same? Quite, shy and cool. Doesn't talk much but produce a lot of good music. Hmmm. Musicians are too good to be true! (:

Was heading to dinner after Sg Wang. Stopping right at the corner of 32 Square made me had a funny feeling. Though I couldn't see anything or anyone. But yeah, I felt that somehow he was probably there. Or perhaps I am just thinking too much eyh? ;D

We went Jaya One for dinner. I think Jaya One has the worse infrastructure ever! I HATE THAT PLACE. Its ridiculous! I was so furious when I was there! You know what? I don't even wanna explain why, but I HATE JAYA ONE can? :D

I guess its been some time since I've stood for such a long hour! My leg actually hurts! I am tired, but still not sleeping! Look at the time! I better tuck in now ;D I am a happy girl today! ;D

I adore Khalil Fong!