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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 @ 5:07 AM

Look at the time! *points!* Gahhh! Why am I still awake?! I'm trying to find an answer to a question. But can't seem to find the answer! Maybe because I am not using the right terms for my search! I am pretty curious about how do photographers take picture and it gets directly transferred to the computer. Yes I know it must be a cable or so, BUT how does it actually works? Do you get what am I even trying to say? Its like what you see in ANTM. They take a photo, and poof* its already in the computer. HOW HOW HOW? :S

My interest towards photography is evolving! But I have a long way to go! I have a lot to learn! Mac! A'haa! Mac ofcourse is the king to all graphics! I dont know if I will ever come across a professional photographer who's not using mac!

How I wish I could upgrade myself to Nikon D700. But I guess every time to shutter opens and close it wouldnt sound like the normal shutter, *chak* nopeee. It will be more likely to sound like *kaching* Hahaha! Yes, the body of this camera cost about 8.5k! Bare in mind that its the only the body.

And how good would it be if I will have the chance to use this flash ring! But then again, I've got a lot of things to learn before I get on with all this high-tech stuff!

Its ANTM inspired! HAHAHA! Okay, dreaming a little too much! Hahahah. *points at time and faint*