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Tuesday, February 24, 2009 @ 3:45 PM

I love dorky looking guys. (: Maybe I have a slight change of taste lately. In music that is, either than that I haven't change a single bit? :P

I used to like pop, ballad and a little rock. But its a whole new concept now! Bossa nova, jazz and rnb soul! Bossa nova all started when I stepped into Rock Corner in Subang Parade and there they were playing the bossa nova album called "Back to Love". It consisted of mainstream music but in the bossa nova way. Check out Rachelle Spring & Marcela Mangabeira. Jazz when I got to know about Frank Sinatra. RnB Soul when I got to know more about Khalil Fong.

Well besides all this, I love dorky looking guys! Oh I've mentioned that haven't I ? :p

Crowd Lu! It seems that he was an accidental singer. He was on his way to college on his motorbicycle and then he got hit by a car and there he flew right in front of a bus and that's when his legs got ran over by the bus. Yes, tragic isn't it? Well, from there he had a break from college and its then when he started composing. He joined a competition after that and met producers and that's how he made it. Came to my surprise he's already have TWO albums. If you realize, the picture above actually has the marks. Check out his legs and you'll see it.

Khalil Fong? When he was 16, he sent demos that he written to music producers. And 4 years later, Warner Music decided to sign him. Which means, he was 20 then. He is now 25! :D

I am actually rushing now, so yeah. :D Paw paw!