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Saturday, February 21, 2009 @ 3:14 AM

I know perhaps I haven't been a really good friend to everyone. I know I don't share my problems and secrets with you guys. But I guess this is the time that I really have to open up. I've been seeing someone lately and boyyy this guy blew me away every time I see him! We're at the early stage and yeah I am still getting to know him a little better. The good thing is, I am sure he is different. Even a better thing that makes him different is, he is from Hong Kong. He was born in Hawaii though. Isn't that cool! He have been moving here and there. And I guess he's in Malaysia now. Remember I said I was going out till very late every night? Well....... Yeah. I was with him. I am so glad that we're spending every day and night together. I mean, yeah who would have expected this from me? I know, being too clingy isn't that good of a thing. But I can't help it. He's addictive! He often reminds me about my previous relationship, but I guess I have to let bygones be bygones right? Its just the matter of time! And I want you guys to meet him too! He's a bit dorky looking, but still as cute as ever. (:

He is ........

Yes, Khalil Fong. I've been spending my days listening to him. Day and night.

Okay, yes its crap lah! Just for the fun of it! :P But I really have been listening to him a lot okay! (; And his songs does remind me about of the past! So I wasn't really lying you see!

I don't know when did I discover his songs. I didn't know how. But I've been keeping up with his music. Its good! And here's the thing, I'm meeting him tomorrow! I AM REALLY MEETING HIM PERSONALLY TOMORROW. I try not to expect anything because, I don't wanna be disappointed in the end. I only TRY, because in my mind I am thinking of all possibilities! HAHAHAHA! Okay, I've gotta relax. And perhaps, I should really just expect the unexpected! ;D So okay, I will try not to trip over wires, dividers, chairs or anything in my way. I will try not to embarrass myself.

Anyway I am really looking forward to meet him tomorrow. Wait i mean in a few hours time! I've actually lost this type of feeling for a very long time. I guess its back now. Because I am actually feeling nervous! Haha! I need my beauty sleep! Wish me luck! ;D