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Saturday, February 7, 2009 @ 2:13 AM

I know I keep saying I would blog soon. But my soon never seem to come huh? Its just like how I always say I wanna lose weight, I wanna eat less tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. Hahaha, that's how it is. I've basically lost the passion to blog. I dont have the urge to spill my emotions, or talk about how my day was etc. Ever since I keep having difficulties to blog in Xanga that is! Pft!

Anyway, I had one hell of a day today! Woke up pretty late today, got ready and off I was to OU. Karaoke at Neway for almost three hours. Well it wasnt hours of singing, more like hours of shouting and yelling and jumping and heart popping! Hahahaha! Thank you to the crazy bunch SY, SH & PK. Decided to catch Pei Jie at Wings, Puchong. But then I guess he flew some aeroplanes. It has been two days okay! So okay, we decided to go Wings, Kepong to catch Jia Wang! Didn't regret a single bit. So much great songs and also those songs they sang made us realise that we actually didnt sing a lot of songs during karaoke! So we've decided to plan another session! Hahaha! I can't wait! :D Paw prints! Paw prints! Cutie! :D

Just a picture to make my posting less dull. Sorry for the lack of updates, as I've resigned from my job. I'll try to get back my inspiration and passion for blogging. :D 3 more days till CNY is over, more red packets please! (:

Life favour the fearless.