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Saturday, February 14, 2009 @ 10:29 AM

I always liked to describe life in two different type of ways. The first one, life is like a dictionary. Why? Because in a dictionary, as you flip the pages you learn at least one or two new word & meaning. So life is just like that, as you go on you learn more things.

Or perhaps in other words, life is like a gallery. Your own personal gallery. You paint the pictures, you hang it up. Be it bad or good, ugly or pretty. You make your own decisions, you do your own thing. Actually I don't really know what am I crapping about.

I have my up and downs and so do everyone of you. Sigh, why does it even matter? I mean regarding this post. And so I've been watching a little too much drama which is polluting the way I am thinking. Haha! Thinking about it makes me wanna laugh.Things that happen in drama would only happen in a drama. Why even bother thinking if there is really such thing out there in the world. I mean, people get what they deserve. But I guess right now, I deserve nothing. ):

Pft, again and again I go. How does he do it? He knows exactly when is the right time to do something to change my mind. Its like, he reads my mind or something?! Sigh.

Anyway its valentines today! Which made me think that there's no such necessity to celebrate because for lovers, everyday is valentines. Today is just another excuse to raise the price of roses, another excuse to have an expensive dinner out, another excuse to make their boyfriends celebrate a "special" day with them, another excuse to receive chocs&flowers. Hahah, its definitely the girls who are more particular about this day. As for the singles, there's nothing to shout about :P

Happy Valentines. (;