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Thursday, January 8, 2009 @ 10:28 PM

Flower Drum, Kuala Lumpur.

I don't like this Porsche, but I like it cause its a Porsche. :D


A slight cam whore while waiting for the dinner to start :D

Eric & Ken. Was surprised to have met Ken there. :D

Zyna looking stunning! :D

Aww, the bride and groom walking in the ballroom. (:

Me and Theng Theng. My superbly awesome blossom professional marvelous make up artist!

Me with the bride and groom. (: They've got my blessings! Love them to bits!

You know how chinese weddings are like right? The invitation writes 7pm sharp and so punctual people like me reach about 6.45 and then you sit till other guest arrives and that would be about 8.45pm. So you wait for 2 hours, get served finish the food and leave! Hahaha.

Not forgetting the toast to the the bride and groom, and in chinese weddings ofcourse you get the chinese tradition where you go "YUMMMMMMM SENGGGGGGG" and not "cheers!" Hahaha! XD

It was after all a great experience for me to witness pre-wedding night and pre-wedding morning. (:

I've learned a lot. Love takes time and after ever fall, you stand up to be stronger and not stay at the same spot thinking and crying over what you've lost. Because you've lost nothing but in return you gained experience. (:

*Look out point next (: